The Office: Best Pranks Of The Entire 9 Seasons

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Jim was notorious for pulling pranks on virtually everyone in the office, but he always chose Dwight since he knew he’d get the finest outburst from his prim and proper coworker. Dunder Mifflin Scranton was never known for being a particularly professional workplace, thanks to its boss- Michael Scott.

Although other characters in The Office had their own pranks, Jim’s were the most memorable. Here are some of the finest from the series.

Vending Machine Prank


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Jim plans to trick Dwight by taking everything off his desk and putting it in the vending machine. Jim takes Dwight to the vending machine, where Pam purchases an item for her own desk and tells him where his possessions are. Dwight is understandably angry, and Jim’s sole reaction is to hand him a bag full of nickels, which he may use to gradually reclaim his belongings.

The iconic office Snowball Fight

In “Classy Christmas,” Jim and Dwight engage in a lighthearted snowball battle, but the prank rapidly escalates as Dwight exacts revenge on Jim for tossing a snowball at him in the workplace.

Later in the parking lot, Dwight assaults Jim, hurling snowballs at him until Jim screams for him to stop. Dwight refuses to stop throwing snowballs at Jim outside, forcing Jim to fight off multiple snowmen in the parking lot while attempting to find out which one Dwight is probably hiding in.

Magic Legumes

In the season seven episode of the same name, the Dunder Mifflin office plans to have a public garage sale. Dwight arrives at the sale hoping to barter and take home the most valued item without spending any money.

Jim taunts him with a package of “Professor Copperfield’s Miracle Legumes” throughout the day. Jim then manipulates Dwight, piquing his interest sufficiently for him to swap the telescope for the beans he had bartered for. The finest part of the trick is when Dwight plants the beans outside the office and Jim comes in with already-grown plants to switch them out, making Dwight believe they were magic.

Telephone Attack

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Jim has pulled a few pranks on the program that gradually build into funny payoffs, such as in season two’s “Conflict Resolution” episode. Jim gradually raises Dwight’s phone’s weight, making it slightly heavier each day.

Dwight adjusts to his new weight. Then Jim removes all of the excess weight from the phone in one day, making it significantly lighter and leading Dwight to hit his phone in the face. This is a wonderful prank because of the time spent in the gradual build-up and the funny final result.

Pavlov’s Experiment With Mints

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Jim pulls another funny trick on Dwight that takes a long time to arrange but pays off handsomely. Jim discloses that he has been teaching Dwight in an identical manner as Pavlov’s famous classical conditioning experiment.

Jim would turn off his computer and make a certain noise before offering Dwight an Altoid. He did this for a time, as evidenced by a montage. It reached the point where Dwight stretched out his hand for a mint without Jim asking whether he wanted one. Jim plays it off by asking Dwight what he wants. Dwight appears to be in a trance as he replies he’s not sure and that he’d eaten too many mints.

Asian Jim in the office

asian jim
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In the first scene of “Andy’s Ancestry,” an Asian guy named Steve (Randall Park) sits at Jim’s desk, claiming to be Jim. Dwight becomes agitated when he realizes it isn’t Jim. But he is shocked when he discovers private information about Jim’s employment at Dunder Mifflin.

Pam, as usual, is in on the joke and walks over, kisses the phony Jim, and tells them she has a dinner appointment for them. Dwight tries to take a family photo to show he isn’t Jim, but it has been replaced.

Jim’s Identity Theft

Jim arrives at the office in a different outfit than normal. Dwight and the audience immediately recognize Jim as Dwight. He even pulls out similar figurines and bobbleheads from Dwight’s desk.

By uttering stuff like “bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica,” Jim imitates Dwight. Dwight soon realizes what he’s doing and declares that “identity theft is not a joke,” growing increasingly agitated. Jim imitates Dwight once again by shouting for Michael, which Dwight repeats a few seconds later as well. Dwight tries to counter Jim by dressing up like him. He even styled his hair like his and acted cool towards the conclusion of the episode.

Jim and Dwight’s prank on Todd Packer

Jim and Dwight rarely joined forces. But when they were faced with Todd packer, they knew they had to team up. After lots of discussions, they planned to send Todd packer flying to Florida. But, unfortunately, Michael found out.  Nevertheless, Packer went back to Florida and all was restored back at the office.

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