The Major Advantages of Streaming Services

The Major Advantages of Streaming Services
The major advantages of streaming services prove why cord-cutters have the right idea, considering the various programming we can enjoy without cable.

Before streaming hit the mainstream, networks dictated what the viewing audience could see. Gone are the days of turning a knob on a television set to view one of the four channels available, and so are the digital-cable packages with hundreds of channels most viewers never sit down to watch. In their place comes the world of streaming, with countless options at your fingertips. Other than the content volume in the palm of your hands, these are the major advantages of streaming services.

You Got the Whole World in Your Hands

There are streaming platforms from around the world with deep libraries—including platforms you may not have heard of yet. You can crawl down a Wikipedia-like rabbit hole when searching for a new show or movie, and it will surprise you with what you can find.

Taking Your Show on the Go

Cable and satellite boxes are enormous pains that limit your viewing options. Streaming circumvents deciding what room and TV need those devices to watch television. Most modern TVs can access major streaming platforms directly through the TV’s interface, or you can ditch your TV altogether and watch via your phone or laptop.

Watching anything, anywhere, at any time, is a major selling point to streaming. That’s likely why the sporting world is embracing streaming this season, as the NFL’s Thursday Night Football is only available on Amazon Prime.

Guaranteed Programming

Any cable subscriber can relate to the feeling of having 200+ stations and nothing to watch. You cannot rely on networks to fill their daily programming with great movies or syndicated shows at all hours of the day. Whereas streaming offers your comfort shows and flicks on demand. Enjoy taking naps while watching a Forensic Files marathon? Every day can be like that with the appropriate streaming platform. The only aimless scrolling you’ll be doing is relishing the hundreds of thousands of options available.

What’s Old Is New to You

Watching a show live as it aired is rare for many of us. Binge-watching or watching all-time great shows for the first time makes streaming services appealing. For example, HBO was a premium channel that not everyone could afford when The Sopranos or The Wire were on the air, so you might have missed out on their initial glory.

But you can fly through these legendary programs within weeks thanks to streaming. Although the show hasn’t been on in nearly a decade, Breaking Bad will continue to live on forever since it continually draws in new audiences as they grow up around their parents declaring its greatness.

As the cord-cutting continues, more people can enjoy the major advantages of streaming services. The way we watch television is only going to keep moving away from the old linear model, so there’s no better time to jump on board.