Reed Hasting

Netflix founder Reed Hastings’ bio

Reed Hastings, co-founder, chairman, and co-chief executive officer (CEO) of Netflix, revolutionized the way of...

Sep 29 2020 Asbin Ghimire
The 6 best business practices to adopt in 2020

Do you know what your audience seeks? Because of technological...

Sep 25 2020 Lena Hemsworth
5 proven ways companies can achieve cost efficiency from their fleets

Over the last couple of years, fleet management has become...

Sep 21 2020 Mike Johnston
Fake online Gurus, scammers – how to avoid them?

Are you tired of fake online gurus and scammers? Living...

Sep 16 2020 Wikye


Coronavirus Czar

Coronavirus Czar? Some present day Coronavirus Czars

In the tough times of coronavirus, Coronavirus Czar/Tsar is someone who is in charge of...

Sep 23 2020 Asbin Ghimire
Coronavirus epicentre Wuhan opens schools

The Chinese city of Wuhan is from where the coronavirus...

Sep 1 2020 Asbin Ghimire
Maskne is a Real Thing in the pandemic

In the age of the COVID-19, people require wearing masks...

Aug 29 2020 Carey Ma
Coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide update till August

Coronavirus continues its global spread, with more than 23 million...

Aug 27 2020 Asbin Ghimire


clean plate campaign

China’s Clean Plate drive aims to reduce food waste

China recently launched "Clean Plate" campaign after President Xi Jinping highlighted that COVID-19 had raised the...

Aug 28 2020 Asbin Ghimire
Top Noodles brands of USA

Don't you love it when you come back from work...

May 28 2020 Asbin Ghimire
Amazing Desserts And its Recipes To Impress Your Guests

Desserts are the best part of the food. In this...

Jan 29 2020 Aakritee Gautam
Fermented Food: Advantages and Disadvantages; How It Is Related to Inflammation?

Fermentation is a technique of preserving food from ancient times....

Jan 27 2020 Aakritee Gautam


2020 Memes

10 relatable memes to sum up 2020

Even though this year has been the hell of the journey, the Internet has never...

Sep 10 2020 Asbin Ghimire
Shaggy Meme: The Investigation On The Power Of Shaggy Meme

Powerful Shaggy is a viral photograph and photoshops that portray...

Apr 19 2020 Asbin Ghimire
Dirty Jokes: Filthy Jokes That Will Make You Cover Your Eyes

Let us be real: life can be difficult. Also, to...

Apr 19 2020 Asbin Ghimire
The Most Relatable Memes on The Internet

Do you spend a lot of your time on the...

Dec 3 2019 Aayushma B.



Fashion tips to rock your Instagram

Do you want tips to rock your Instagram feed? You are in the right place....

Sep 20 2020 Wikye
Use of coloured contact lenses to enhance your beauty

Coloured contact lenses are an excellent addition to your look...

Sep 16 2020 Faye Napigkit
Most popular Egyptian symbols for tattoos and their meanings

Have you thought of getting ancient Egyptian symbols for tattoos?...

Sep 13 2020 Wikye
Grey hair? Natural remedies that work best 

Looking for natural remedies for grey hair? Do you want...