Retain More Customers to Your Business in 2021

Leads, strong customer base, and finally, sales.  These three are the primary goals of every...

Jan 20 2021 Deep Moteria
5 Affiliate Niches with 7 figures per month Potential

Affiliate marketing is a booming online industry that continues to...

Oct 17 2020 Sunil Singh
First female American entrepreneur Madam C. J. Walker

Madam C. J. Walker is the first female American entrepreneur...

Oct 14 2020 Asbin Ghimire
Netflix founder Reed Hastings’ bio

Reed Hastings, co-founder, chairman, and co-chief executive officer (CEO) of...

Sep 29 2020 Asbin Ghimire


Body Dysmorphia

Body Dysmorphia: Definition, Symptoms, and Treatment

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), commonly known as Body Dysmorphia is a severe mental illness. It...

Jan 18 2021 Priya
Here’s How To Treat Covid-19 At Home

Covid-19 has been a part of our lives since November...

Jan 15 2021 Priya
Is Losing Weight Your New Year’s Resolution (Again)?

Each year on the first of January and here-and-there around...

Jan 7 2021 Meghna Adhikari
Personal Hygiene on Global Handwashing Day

October 15 was Global Handwashing Day and personal hygiene is...

Oct 18 2020 Pratik Ghimire


Example of Processed Food

Processed Food: The Myths and The Facts

Processed food has got such a bad rep over the years. Whenever we think about...

Jan 17 2021 Priya
China’s Clean Plate drive aims to reduce food waste

China recently launched "Clean Plate" campaign after President Xi Jinping highlighted...

Aug 28 2020 Asbin Ghimire
Top Noodles brands of USA

Don't you love it when you come back from work...

May 28 2020 Asbin Ghimire
Amazing Desserts And its Recipes To Impress Your Guests

Desserts are the best part of the food. In this...

Jan 29 2020 Aakritee Gautam


Laughter Emoji!

Jokes collection you won’t find on the internet!

Theories explain jokes or humor as a thing that someone says to cause amusement or...

Oct 19 2020 Pratik Ghimire
Science jokes: 10 best cheesy knee slappers

Humour can perfectly fit in all aspects and it is...

Oct 11 2020 Asbin Ghimire
10 relatable memes to sum up 2020

Even though this year has been the hell of the...

Sep 10 2020 Asbin Ghimire
Shaggy Meme: The Investigation On The Power Of Shaggy Meme

Powerful Shaggy is a viral photograph and photoshops that portray...

Apr 19 2020 Asbin Ghimire



Fashion tips to rock your Instagram

Do you want tips to rock your Instagram feed? You are in the right place....

Sep 20 2020 Wikye
Use of coloured contact lenses to enhance your beauty

Coloured contact lenses are an excellent addition to your look...

Sep 16 2020 Faye Napigkit
Most popular Egyptian symbols for tattoos and their meanings

Have you thought of getting ancient Egyptian symbols for tattoos?...

Sep 13 2020 Wikye
Grey hair? Natural remedies that work best 

Looking for natural remedies for grey hair? Do you want...

Guest Post

7 Essential Magento Security Tips to Protect your Ecommerce

7 Essential Magento Security Tips to Protect your Ecommerce

Magento became one of the leading CMS platforms for building eCommerce websites after the launch...

Jan 20 2021 Darshit Parmar
2021 Revealed Industries of The Future

Last year was devastating for a lot of businesses, but...

Jan 20 2021 Wikye
Best High-Ticket Affiliate Niches for SEO Traffic

Affiliates can be some of the most profitable companies to...

Jan 20 2021 Wikye
Retain More Customers to Your Business in 2021

Leads, strong customer base, and finally, sales.  These three are...

Jan 20 2021 Deep Moteria