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Wikye strongly believes in delivering quality content offering positivity. Wikye covers every aspect of human life to provide readers with the most useful and influential articles; regarding everything that will boost their inner level of understanding and positivity. You can also explore through our articles in the site to know what type of articles/contents are we into totally.

We have passionate and dedicated in-house writers who devote their full time in researching and creating an impactful content. Nevertheless, we are always willing to accepting new talents.

If you have a thought of offering your contribution to wikye, our young dynamic and dedicated team is very happy to have you for your contribution.

But, Here are some of the major Guidelines that need to be followed:

    • 1. Sign up

      For the signing up part, you will be asked to submit all the necessary details in a form. The details include your Full name and contact details. Your categories’ interest is our major concern for mapping the in-flow of contents. So make sure you mention it right.
      After all these processes, you are done with the SIGNUP process.

    • 2. Content or the Subject matter

      The Subject matter or the approach of the content a contributor sends should meet the essence of wikye’s core perspective. Contributor can check the articles published by wikye so far to get to know more about what wikye actually delivers.

      • Length

        The length of the content is a very important aspect. We accept content with a word count of 850+.

      • Categories

        A featured contributor should mention the prior categories that he/she will choose to write articles in.

      • Title

        The title of the content or article should attract the readers curiosity and have the urge to seek attention.
        The length of the title should be 30-60 Alphabets long.

      • Images

        The use of images in any content is very important. The image should reflect the gist of the content.

        The image should be used from the free sites. Not every Google image will be acceptable. The copyright issue and risk of image use should be carefully concerned.

      • Language

        Wikye uses ‘US English/ American English’ language for writing and grammar.

      • Grammar and formatting

        Proper check of grammatical errors must be done and the formatting of wikye should be followed.

        The format of wikye includes:
        Font size: 16 px
        Image quality: Below 1MB

    • 3. Publishing process

      The publishing process has few steps to follow and a few things to consider as mentioned above. The article or the content that you submitted will remain in drafts; and after the editorial review board reviews it to get all ethical sets of codes followed as per the decision of wikye then it will be published.

    • 4. Reference/ source

      We expect the best quality content from our featured contributors. The references that you provide should be good links and real links that you used.
      The use of abusive or bad spam links/abusive links is unethical and we totally avoid unethical acts here in wikye.

    • 5. Contact

      If you have any queries regarding the sites and other necessary things you want to know then please write us to [email protected].

Editorial Review Board

We check for the:

  • 1. Relevance

    • Content that is submitted in wikye should be relevant and not from any unethical sites.
    • The content should not deliver the commercial biasness or promote anything.
    • Contributor should not deliver anything that offends any religions, races, cultures and communities.
    • No spams
  • 2. Plagiarism/ copy score

    The article that a contributor submits shall pass plagiarism test done by the review board. Wikye can dismiss your article if found copied or the article don’t get apt copy score to publish.

  • 3. Readability

    • Passive Voice – 10%
    • Flesch Reading Ease – Try to make shorter sentences to improve readability
    • Subheading Distribution – The text following a subheading generally should not be longer than 250-350 words.
    • Paragraph length – We advise you to keep the length of your paragraphs below 150 words to ensure maximum comprehension while reading.
    • Consecutive Sentences – The consecutive sentences check assesses whether your text contains three or more sentences in a row all starting with the same word. This includes headings starting with the same word as the previous or following sentences.
    • Sentence Length – 20 words in one sentence. If more than 25% of your sentences are longer than 20 words you should shorten some of your long sentences.
    • Transition words – 30% of the sentence in your text should contain transition words.
  • 4. Authority

    Wikye has a sole authority to make any changes in the guidelines and also have the right to edit your content without prior notice to the Contributor.

Welcome to the WIKYE journey!