6 Jobs That Pay You to Travel the World

Traveling serves an excuse for excursion. Traveling is always up on the list for the leisure activities for a break from work.

What if I let you know there are jobs which ask the employees to travel. Extraordinary!

There are people who work hard just to explore the world later.

Meanwhile, there are also people who make money while they are traveling.

Yeah, you read that right; there are various jobs around the world that pay you to travel.

What else can employees ask for? Getting a mail from your bank that says your account has been credited while you are still traveling is bliss.

These are 6 of the best jobs that pay you to travel the world.


1. Flight Attendant

6 Jobs That Pay You to Travel the World

A flight attendant is an employee hired by an airlines company in order to deal with passengers’ safety and comfort aboard.

This job doesn’t only offer one a good money but also tags a prestige to their names.

Your physical height comes into consideration if you want to get enrolled with this job. You should also be able to stand still most of the time aboard.

This is one job where your smile counts; your smile is as valuable as your fluency speaking.

However, one can’t deny the difficulties caused by the weather interrupt and such, sometimes.

Some passengers can be rude and might be too much to handle but you ought to manage.

This job tests your patience and politeness.


2. Tour Guide

6 Jobs That Pay You to Travel the World

A tour guide is another paid traveler.

A tour guide indulges himself with the scenery, culture, and traditions along with his clients. At the end of the tour, his bank balance go up.

A travel agency hires a tour guide. His roles include taking the clients with him to where they want to travel to and describing the settings there.

His clients pay a heavy amount on the accommodation while he gets it all for free, throughout the journey.

Furthermore, his bank account tally may be benefited with the tips he may get from his satisfied clients. This happens at the end of the tour.

In busy seasons he may face workload pressure, however.


3. Foreign Service Officer

6 Jobs That Pay You to Travel the World

A foreign service officer deals with complex issues like immigration, refugees, disasters, etc.

The developed countries which have their helping hands spread in developing countries hire foreign service officers.

One willing to take up this job should have a lot of information regarding the above mentioned topics.

That is not enough, they should possess qualities that prove they are the best for the job.

Passing the Foreign Service Officer Test is also mandatory.


4. Cruise Ship Workers

6 Jobs That Pay You to Travel the World

One of the most preferred jobs that pay you to travel is cruise ship workers.

A ship is a giant setting in itself, thus it asks different types of workers from different fields.

One can offer his service in a kitchen. One can opt to look after a cash counter. A ship is so large that there are opportunities for an artist as well.

Working in a ship aboard is simultaneous to discovering the world by sea way.

However, you can’t neglect the dedication you should offer to the ship and its passengers aboard.

There should be a beam balance between the ecstasy you get from this job and the responsibilities that comes with it.


5. Travel Writer

If you have a good command with your words, they will pay you to write for them about different destinations.

Your words are your income source if you manage to play with them well.

Traveling expenses is not a subject of worry for you in this job. You can also write for your own blog if you have one.

For a lover of writing and travel enthusiastic this is a dream job.


6. Players

Many would disagree to insert ‘playing’ in the list of jobs. Why not when players earn?

Players play matches at different venues.

They get to see different places throughout a tournament schedule. Players, unofficially, are the most expensive paid travelers.

Having said that, getting into that feat is an uphill task.

Players give their all in order to get there. Some of them still fail to make it despite all that effort.

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