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Yandere Simulator Game: It’s History, Wiki, Rivals and Character

Yandere Simulator is one crazy horror video game developed by a guy named Yandere Dev. The game took years to develop its characters and is still not fully complete yet. The developer added rivals and characters to the yandere simulator with each new release since April 2014. You can even find the fandom page to this game called yandere simulator wiki.

Yandere Simulation Game
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Yandere Simulation


The game is under progress, and the developer improves it continuously. This game is for you if you love gothic and horror movies. The players of this game have posted multiple reviews online. Out of these reviews, some seem to like the game, but others hate it. The primary concern is the graphics and the time that the game is taking to progress.

What is Yandere Simulator Game?

yandere simulator rivals

Yandere Simulator is a game about a Japanese schoolgirl who is crazy in love with a senior. In this single-player game, the girl in the story tries her level best not to let anyone else get close to her crush. To accomplish this, the girl can do anything, even kill the other girls who attempt to make any moves.

The craziest part about the game is that you can use multiple methods of killing the other girls. The game can get extremely violent and scary because of the psychological gameplay that goes on.

While she can kill these people, she needs to avoid getting seen or caught in the act. If her crush sees the girl in the act, she will lose the game.

Development and Progress of the game:

Yandere Dev has developed the simulator to make it more realistic. The development of the game started in April of 2014 and still hasn’t ended yet. Since the developer is continuously developing and re-releasing the games, people are hooked on to it.

They have no yet released the final version, but you still can download the beta versions. One of the significant contributors to the game is the Yandere Simulator wiki fandom. This is a community of people who love this game and continuously make updates on their pages about it.

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As per their site, they will release their game at any time in 2020. You can still download and play the sandbox build version from their site.

What are the characters in the Yandere simulator?

The characters in the yandere simulator game are:

  1. Ayano Aishi: The protagonist of the Yandere Simulator, also known as Yandere Chan.
  2. Taro or Taeko Yamada: The guy/girl, the main character, has a crush on. This person is also normally known as senpai (senior).
  3. Rivals on Yandere simulator: They are the antagonists of the game who Ayano kills in the game because she doesn’t want anyone to take him away.
  4. Others: There are other characters in the game, such as a policeman, journalist, and others who haven’t been finalized yet.

Yandere Simulator Fandom Wiki:

Wouldn’t it be best if you had your own set of supporters when you release a game? This is the case for the Yandere Simulation game. Getting someone to promote your page or application for free is difficult, but not in this case.

The fandom is so strong that they have created their web page called yandere fandom wiki. On this page, they provide information about the game, including history, storyline, and any new updates.

Rivals in the Simulation:

The major characters of the storyline of the yandere simulator game are the rivals. There are in total of ten rivals in the game. Ayano will have to kill one girl each week for ten weeks when the final storyline is released. The names of the rivals in the game are:

yandere simulator rivals
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yandere simulator rivals
  1. Osana Najimi: Senpai’s childhood friend and one of the rivals of Ayano.
  2. Amai Odayaka: Rival; President of school cooking club.
  3. Kizana Sunobu: The president of the school’s drama club.
  4. Oka Ruto: The president of the school’s occult club.
  5. Asu Rito: The president of the school’s sports club.
  6. Muja Kina: A substitute for the school’s usual nurse.
  7. Mida Rana: A substitute teacher.
  8. Osoro Shidesu: The leader of the school’s gang.
  9. Hanako Yamada: Senpai’s younger sister.
  10. Megami Saikou: The heiress to the most powerful conglomerate in Japan, Saikou Corp.

The reviews of this game show that some people remarkably like the game and are hooked on to it, whereas some people criticize its graphics, storyline, and the late progress. Another issue is that you can only download the game on a PC and cannot be downloaded on a Mac or Linux.