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7 Ways to Promote Your App For Free

For any business to run successfully it is important to use proper marketing skills. If people are not aware of the app, there is no way your app will be successful. No matter how good the app is, good marketing is a must. In this article, we will discuss seven ways to promote your app for free.

Creating an app in itself is a hard task. To deal with all the coding stuff is sure to give you a major headache. However, all of the hard work that one puts in the making will go to waste if you cannot market it properly.

1. Create a Social Media page for the app

Social Media is important for the App promotion
Social Media is important for the App promotion

We cannot stress this enough about how important it is to create a social media page for anything you create. In a sense, the whole world is engrossed in social media like Instagram and Facebook.

Creating an Instagram and Facebook page will help you get in direct contact with your potential app users. Make sure you update it with creative posts where your potential users can interact with you.

2. Run a Hashtag Campaign To Promote Your App

Hashtag Campaign for the App Promotion
Hashtag Campaign for the App Promotion is must
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Using Hashtag is one of the most powerful ways to reach out to your potential users. Whenever you upload any post, make sure you use a bunch of Hashtag that’s relatable to your app.

Using Hashtag will make your post visible to people who follow that hashtag. Also, it will inform them about the presence of your app. The more Hashtag you use, the more visible you are to your potential users.

3. Get reviews

Get your friends and family to review your app. Friends and family are your people who got your back. In the initial phase make them give good reviews for your app so that any other new potential user might download it instantly.

4. Start a blog

One of the easiest ways to create a buzz around your app is to start a blog. Write about your app. Write about how it will be useful to people.

Create engaging content that will force the blog readers to at least try your app once. If you are not good at writing content, hire someone to do it for you. But just make sure you have a blog.

5. Collaborate with influencers To Promote Your App

Influencers are people with huge social media following or just people who are popular. Collaborating with these influencers will help your brand to be known by a large number of people. This may not exactly be free since you might have to pay them but some will collaborate with you in exchange for certain services.

You will have to be wise and crack a deal that will be beneficial to both parties. Collaborating with them will help to create a good image of the app. For example, a single post from an influencer with at least 100k followers will increase your download instantly.

6. ASO – App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization
App Store Optimization

If you don’t know already, app store optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in an app store. Search engine optimization is for websites, just like that app store optimization is for mobile apps. If you are not familiar with App Store optimization, it is high time that you learn it.

Making sure your app is at the top of the searches is such a hard task these days. Your competition increases each day. So if you don’t take any action to get to the front of the search listings, you are simply going to lose your ground to your competitors. Consistency is the key.

7. Join Facebook groups

Facebook has a variety of groups created simply to promote each other’s work. Join those groups. There are a lot of entrepreneurs who are looking to promote their product too. Groups like these bring those people together and form a community that supports each other.

Through these groups, you can get to know a lot of other people like you. They will be happy to help you to promote your app. In exchange, you will have to do the same. It’s a give and take thing. You review their products, they review yours.