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Baby Yoda: Why Are People Obsessed With it?


In today’s world, where some humans are continually trying to connect with other creatures on other planets, some are busy sharing memes of their favorite mysterious creatures that they see on television. The Star Wars series creature looking character has now influenced social media globally with his name, Baby Yoda. The character captured a massive space in the social sites with millions of views and appreciation for the show makers.

People are now obsessed with the character of Baby Yoda. However, few of the audience only know the starting of the franchise in 1977, which was released as a film and later went to be a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon. During the time, Baby Yoda made his first appearance in Star Wars created by George Lucas.

Baby Yoda’s Character

Looking like a Yoda, he is portraying the role of a Jedi Yoda in the franchise. Jedi is well-known as the mystical knightly order in the Star Wars films. They are also defined as trained to guard peace and justice in the universe. Interesting, right?

The image of Baby Yoda from the Stars Wars franchise
The image of Baby Yoda from the Stars Wars franchise
Photo Source: Complex

Moreover, people have found a new universal creature that is somewhere heart touching to many of his fans. That is the reason why his fans are so much obsessed with his character. All along the way, he treated the forces of the universe as a guide and trainer without expecting anything.

The character of Baby Yoda first found by The Mandalorian in The Empire Strikes Back in 1980 on a desert planet called Arvala-7. As per the franchise, Yoda trained for 800 years, and at the age of 900, he came up as a Jedi Yoda. The character of the Baby Yoda has got healing powers and also can levitate. He can heal any wound by concentrating on it. These powers are also defined in many mystical and religious books as well.

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What Is His Real Name?

Famous as Baby Yoda, his creator, and Disney CEO, Bob Iger confirmed his name not to be ‘Baby Yoda.’ He also told the media that his name could start from ‘Y.’ When he got asked about the character’s real name, he said:

People really wanted to know, what’s its name? I know its real name, and it is one of the reasons I’ve got all this extra security now. I don’t want to be given some kind of truth serum by someone.

Baby Yoda during his first scene in The Mandalorian
Baby Yoda during his first scene in The Mandalorian
Photo Credit: Popular Mechanics

With this, Iger also disclosed that its actual name would be revealed in the eighth and final episode of The Mandalorian.

Stardom Through Memes

Many of us already know that the characters grab a huge space in memes through their eyes. Just like that, Baby Yoda grabbed enormous viewers from his cute and big eyes. His other famous memes are related to his comparison with Kermit the Frog.

One of the memes of Baby Yoda
One of the memes of Baby Yoda
Photo Source: Cheezburger

Most of his memes were shared from the first four episodes of the series. His memes videos on YouTube has collected thousands of views only on YouTube. Some of them have even reached a million views. Hence, he is globally popular on memes and still famous on social media sites.

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Toys Unavailable

The Mandalorian star, Baby Yoda or Jedi Yoda will soon come in the form of toys after receiving massive popularity among the audience. The baby toy is about 11-inch tall with green skin, big ears, and large eyes. The product is currently unavailable on Amazon.

The Disney Channel invested $2.7 Million on making the merch related to Baby Yoda, which is reported to be available from May 2020. Disney is planning to come up with a big surprise on holidays. If you are also excited about the surprise, then you must visit their respective websites.

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