15 Foods That Can Really Keep Your Stomach Full

As a food lover myself, I have much experience with various food items.

There are certain types of food that make you full for a longer time.

However, not all the food can make your tummy tight.

If you’re someone who likes having your stomach full after you eat a meal, you can always add these things to your meals.

This can be extremely beneficial for college students

. You barely have enough time to grab something to eat when you are burdened with heaps of assignments.

So, these simple foods will help you stay full a little longer.


1. Avocado:

Avocado’s are one of the most nutrient food available.

Additionally, the same time they are extremely high in calorie count.

Not only will this keep you full for a long time but this is also one of the healthiest options available.


2. Potatoes:

Food that make you full longer

Potatoes are a source of carbohydrates. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of normal potatoes or sweet potato, both of these keep you full.

You can either eat mashed potatoes or make fries out of them.

This is one of the best ways to keep yourself full, if you’re planning for some kind of an event where you might be busy.



Food that make you full longer

Foods such as beans, lentils, peas, peanuts have are very nutritious.

Although a plant based food, these are very rich in protein.

This is a very healthy option for someone who doesn’t eat meat or dairy products.

This can substitute your protein requirements.

I have myself realized that legumes are actually very good food for keeping your stomach full for a longer time.


4. Hummus:

Hummus is super nutritious and packed with plant based nutrients.

It is rich in protein and also carbs. This means that it will keep you healthy for longer.

You can always add some spices to it and make a dip out of it.

Which you can eat it with banana or potato chips. This is the healthiest dip you can every make.


5. Eggs:

Food that make you full longer

Another food rich in protein is eggs. Studies have also shown that eating eggs for breakfast instead of bagel will make you fuller.

This also means that your calorie intake for the next few hours are drastically reduced.


6. Oatmeal:

Food that make you full longer

When compared to other breakfast cereals, it has been proven that oatmeal make you feel more fuller.

Oatmeal is very high in fiber content and it helps it to soak up the water.


7. Chia seeds:

Consuming Chia seeds will help you retain water in your body.

Firstly, this makes you fuller. But more importantly, this makes you hydrated at all times

. Research has proven that regularly taking Chia seeds can keep you hydrated.

Blend it with some other food that you are making like smoothies or kale salad.


8. Fish:

Food that make you full longer

Fatty fish such as salmon, sardines and tuna have a large amount of Omega-3 in them.

Fish is extremely rich in protein compared to other protein sources.

Which is why people might feel fuller after eating fish.


9. Soups:

When tested it was found out that smoother soups have a greater retention rate than chunkier soups.

It has been debated whether soups can actually keep you full.

However, there has been enough evidence to back that this food does actually keep you full for a longer time.


10. Meat:

If you aren’t a vegetarian or a vegan, you definitely know how much this has.

Meat has the possibility to keep you full for hours.

Especially when you are eating red meat.

Due to the rich protein and fat, this food has the power to keep you full for longer.


11. Barley:

Similar to oats, barley had the capacity to absorb a huge amount of water.

You can dress your food with this or use it as a toppings on foods like salad or pasta as well.

This is also rich in the amount of protein that it has.


12. Cottage Cheese:

Don’t get scared just by looking at the word cheese.

Compared to other cheeses, cottage cheese is extremely rich in protein.

However, it has minimum fat and carbs.

So, the protein will make you full for a longer time compared to other foods.

It is also said that cottage cheese will make you as full as an egg.


13. Greek Yogurt:

Compared to regular yoghurt, the consistency of a greek yoghurt is very thick.

If used as a breakfast option, greek yoghurt will keep you full till the next meal of the day.

Also it reduces the craving for other foods. So, it will help you keep in check of your calorie tracking at the same time keep you full.


14. Broccoli:

Among everything in this list, this is one of the easiest vegetables to make.

You can cook it however you like. You should understand that this won’t just keep you full but also healthy.


15. Nuts:

Food that make you full longer

You probably know by now that almonds are a very good source of protein.

Similar is the case for walnuts. These can be used as snack.

This will help you keep your tummy fuller for a longer time.

Because they are a very good source of protein, fat and carbs, you should definitely take these.

Just be careful if you have any kind of allergies to nuts.

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