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Hair Care Mistakes That You Probably Didn’t Know

A bad hair day eventually leads to a bad day. And no one but we ladies can totally vouch on it. We just hate it when our curly hair turns frizzy, split ends that stick out of braids, and when hair looks extremely dull. well. we can bear that once in a while. However, can you imagine having a bad hair day every day? Are you tired of not being able to fix your hair to look shiny and beautiful?

Maybe now you should focus more on the mistakes you might be committing to your hair. Rather than the hair care routines, you have been following. Because I am sure you don’t want to sign up for “everyday bad hair day”. There are many factors that can harm your locks. Moreover, you might be committing some mistakes that you’re probably not even aware of. Such mistakes could be on the daily basis. Here’s a look at the five most common hair mistakes that you can avoid.

Washing hair too often

Hair Care Mistakes That You Probably Didn't Know Of
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Washing hair more than necessary is not going to do you any good. Even if you’re using the very best shampoo, washing your hair too frequently can come with nasty consequences. The fact is that people don’t need to wash their hair every single day. When you over-wash or over-shampoo, it removes the healthy oils from your scalp. This leads to the skin is dry and irritated and causes the hair to look tired and dull. You don’t need to cut on your showering schedule but just don’t use more shampoo on your head. Ask yourself if you really need to use shampoo or just rinsing it off works. Ideally recommended, one should wash hair only 3 to 4 times a week, depending on the scalp type. Hence it’s time to ignore the fact that frequent washing is a great hair care routine.

Washing hair is not often enough

Now when you see this advice right after knowing washing hair too frequently is malicious. You might think I am a hypocrite. But actually, infrequent washing can be just as bad as over-shampooing.  Unwashed hair not only looks unappealing but When unhealthy waxy sebum adds to your scalp. The build-up causes the hair to stick together and look oily. Plus, quite later, sebum resists water, so it can be a struggle to remove if you wait too long.

Not protecting hair from heat

Hair Care Mistakes That You Probably Didn't Know Of

Any amount of prolonged heat from your straightener, dryer, or curling iron harm your hair. Always remember to spritz on some heat protection spray before you use any hot tool on your hair. While you generally want to evenly coat your hair with product, it’s not a bad idea to give the ends a little more love. The end is the part of the strand that’s most vulnerable to damage from heat. Thermal protector spray shields your hair from the effects of high temperatures. However, you can always put on the thermal spray. As it also gives your hair some extra protection from the elements and leaves a smooth finish. Hence you can add thermal spray to your hair care.

Being too rough with your tangles

You know what’s more frustrating than the wet socks, hair knots! Hair getting tangled is not a new thing. But sometimes hair can get so tangled that we aggressively try to brush all the knots out. Which usually leads to losing a lot of hair in the process. Give your knots a little more time and be patient with it. Be gentle as you try to remove knots. It can help you avoid broken strands and hair loss. A detangling comb is a great tool to detangle your hair. These wide-tooth combs are designed to untangle knots a couple of strands at a time. In addition to that, detangling spray can help loosen up even the most stubborn of tangles. It lubricates and eases the strands so you can work through the knots without damaging them. 

Not being careful with the ponytail

Hair Care Mistakes That You Probably Didn't Know Of

Ponytail is everyone’s go-to hair. Be it for a party or a hasty meeting, we all rely on ponytails. And it never fails to satisfy us. However, the problem with this simple style is it can cause broken strands if you’re not careful enough.  You should avoid ponytails that are too high or too tight. That can stress the hair. And choose your ponytail holder wisely, silk made scrunchies are best for your ponytail style.

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