Why is Food so Comforting?

Food is a basic right of every living being. We eat it to give ourselves energy, get rid of hunger, and simply because we cannot live without it.

But have you ever wondered why is food so comforting?

The sense of fulfillment food gives us is seriously not matched by anything else.

Food is a great company when you have no one else. It gives solace to most people, especially lonely ones.

Got a girlfriend who is constantly nagging? Feed her some fries and maybe some chicken, that’ll do.

On top of the energy to do anything, food provides us comfort in an unusual way. It’s like connecting or feeling a sense of belonging.

Everyone has their own definition of comfort food. Most people associate comfort food with caloric. While it does make a little sense, it’s not entirely correct.

When people talk about comfort food, food like burgers, fries, chips, chocolates, and ice creams come in mind. We think these are the food that gives us comfort and makes us feel good.

Well, it isn’t wrong either. These foods do taste amazing and make us feel great.

After all, the meaning of comfort is to feel at ease and great, right?

What makes food comforting?

In addition to being tasty, food has several emotional values. It not only reminds us of how fulfilling it is but also the people and situations associated with it.

Some food reminds us of good times spent with people we love. A few takes us back to our childhood and makes us nostalgic.

Foods even have to power to make us sad if it is associated with sad memories. For example, when you eat something and that reminds you of someone who loved it but is not with you anymore.

Food might sound simple but honestly, it holds a lot of power, especially emotional. It gives us good feelings and helps us cope well.

There are people who tend to lose their temper when hungry. This emotion is now called “hangry,” a portmanteau of hungry and angry. And it is so accurate.

For some people, food is a way to socialize and connect with others. Food plays a major role in almost every family as it reminds them of the good ol’ times.

Food brings individuals, families, and even nations together. It also has the power to bring cultures together.

Here are a few reasons why food is so comforting.

Brings people together.

Food is a powerful thing that has helped many culture flourish. We’ve seen food playing a vital role in parties and gatherings where there are so many people. All of them bonding over food and bringing out good conversations.

Gives good feelings.

It’s proven that eating food that has a high amount of fat, salt, or sugar activates the reward system of the brain. So, eating comfort food makes us feel rewarding.

Whenever we’re feeling down or going through some tough times, emotion-wise, eating comfort food lifts up the mood.

This also works in case of women who have menstrual cramps or are PMSing.

Makes us nostalgic.

Food gives us nostalgia. Every time we eat a particular food, it reminds us of a certain person or event that has a good impact on us.

The feeling of nostalgia gives us comfort, especially if it were a happy memory. Therefore food that makes us nostalgic gives us comfort.

A sense of belonging.

We’ve seen people traveling all over the world in search of good food. Every culture has its own specific food items that differentiate them from each other.

And a person who loves food and feels a sense of comfort by it doesn’t have a problem of trying out foods from different cultures.

This helps people discover all the different cultures of the world and also a sense of belonging among everyone.

Helps people socialize.

Imagine meeting people that have the same appetite as yours as well as similar taste buds. That would be the best thing ever, right?

Well, food helps to bridge the gap between people and helps you connect with others.

Food helps you socialize because it’s easier to speak to people that love the same food as you.

And when the person you’re talking to is comfortable, the food becomes comforting as well.


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