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17 Things You Should Have In Your Fridge At All Times

17 Things You Should Have In Your Fridge At All Times

There are some food that we need to have at home at all time.

Even if you live alone, there will be times when you might not be able to order food.

You can use these foods to cook simple meals.

Sometimes you might not have time to go to the grocery.

Especially when you are tired, its very handy. I have listed down some absolutely necessary food you need to have in your fridge.


1. Milk:


Unless you are lactose intolerant it is advisable to always have some milk in the fridge.

There are multiple uses to milk.

You can eat it with your cereals in the breakfast or decide to make chai tea out of it.

It is especially handy when you have unexpected guests over.

If you have some milk in the fridge you can at least offer a warm up of tea or coffee.


2. Eggs:

food you need to have in the fridge

Another food you need to keep in your fridge are eggs.

There are tons of ways you can eat them. You need them at all times.

Whether you decide to have boiled eggs after workout, an omelette as breakfast or mix it up in a salad, it is useful.

Not only this you need eggs to bake, to make other food items such as fried chicken, egg rolls and so on.


3. Ketchup:


You already know how important ketchup is. You can easily spice up your simple ramen with it or dip fries in them.

Ketchup have so many uses. You need it to cook so many food. It is advisable to have a bottle of ketchup in your fridge at all times.


4. Bread:

food you need to have in the fridge

Similarly, bread is something you cannot- not have. Most of us have bread in the breakfast because it clearly is the easiest food to have

. It is important that you have something in your fridge that you can eat at times you cannot cook other meals.

However, make sure you check the expiration date of the bread.


5. Fresh Vegetables and leaf:


Most of us are trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

So, if you want to improve your diet you should have fresh veggies in your fridge.

Vegetables are rich in protein and help you in the digestion process as well.

Get something that you really like and one that doesn’t rot easily.


6. Fresh Fruit:

Likewise, you need to have a stock of food in your fridge.

Try food that are not very expensive. At the same time get something that doesn’t ripe very fast.

Make sure that the fruits are places somewhere the eyes can easily find otherwise they might go bad without you noticing.

Bananas or avocados are some of the best food that you need to keep in the fridge.


7. Fresh Fruit juice:

Another thing you need to keep a stock of in your fridge is fresh juices.

Fresh juices are the best ways to energize yourself. You can decide to have the fruit juice of your choice.

Choose one that is tasty and good for your health. The best ones are orange and pomegranate.


8. Instant Dough:

food you need to have in the fridge

This helps you cook food in no time. There are so many food you can make out of instant doughs.

You can make chapatis, pizza or dumplings.

Cooking something for yourself and your family can be a tough job.

However, when you have instant dough, you can reduce the time that it takes for you to prepare it by yourself.


9. Fat free Yoghurt:

food you need to have in the fridge

There are endless uses of yoghurt. You can eat it as a dinner if you feel too lazy.

It is one of the healthiest options. You can also dress you salad with the yoghurt, sprinkle some pomegranate seeds and eat it as a breakfast.


10. Cheese:

food you need to have in the fridge

If you are not lactose intolerant, you definitely need cheese in your fridge.

You can vamp up any food that you make with a little sprinkle of cheese.

This is one of the food you need to keep in the fridge.

Whether you decide to have mac and cheese for the dinner, cook pizza or try out some new burger, you will need it.


11. Meat and Fish:

Unless you don’t eat animal products, you should definitely have some meat or fish in the fridge at all times.

Meat and fish are packed with protein. Also it is easier to cook any type of meals when you have meat and fish to back it up.


12. Minced Meat:

You can cook a ton of recipe with minced meat. You can also make dumplings or use it to cook pasta.

This will help you cook something delicious in no time.

You probably don’t want to be disappointed because you cannot cook the pasta recipe you like.


13. Ginger and Garlic paste:

As an asian I use ginger and garlic in every meal that I make. However, I know that it is also equally used in the other parts of the world. So, it is important that you keep this food in your fridge just in case you decide to cook something nice.

14. Mustard sauce:

This can help you spice up anything.

Mustard sauces are the best dips. So, have some spare bottles in your fridge.


15. Bacon and Sausage:

Unless you don’t eat meat, you probably would like to have a proper breakfast.

Most of the times we don’t eat breakfast. Which is obviously not good for the health.

So, having something in the fridge that is easy to cook will save your time and also help you get the energy for they day.


16. Fresh Lemon and limes:

You can squeeze fresh lime juice in any kind of salad and make it so much more interesting.

The sourness of the limes give any food a nice taste.

It can easily make your salad, tortillas, tacos, red sauce pasta or chicken tastier. So, keep some fresh lemon in your fridge at all times.


17. Chocolates and chocolate syrup:

Sometimes I crave for something sweet.

It is such a disappointment when you cannot find anything when you are feeling that way.

Additionally, if some kid comes to your place you can always surprise them with a chocolate.

Similarly, you need to have chocolate syrup in your fridge.

You can add it with you milk as well as coffee and make yourself some warm or cold chocolate milk.

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