Tips for Promoting Fall-Themed Foods in Your Restaurant

Tips for Promoting Fall-Themed Foods in Your Restaurant
You can promote your restaurant and menu this fall by offering seasonal foods that people will love. Learn how to promote fall-themed foods now.

With each seasonal shift, your restaurant has the opportunity to try something new and seasonal that will bring in new guests. However, the only way guests will learn about your special seasonal offerings is if you promote your menu well. Keep reading to get some tips for promoting fall-themed foods in your restaurant.

Share the Recipe

Most restaurant chefs want to keep their recipes to themselves, or at least within their restaurant, but sharing your recipes can bring in new people. There are lots of home chefs who want to know every ingredient and step in the process, and they’ll jump at the chance to get a copy of a seasonal recipe while dining at your restaurant. You can keep year-round favorites or other seasonal recipes to yourself, but sharing one will still excite people and bring them to your door.

Celebrate Small Holidays

While there are plenty of big holidays that people will want to celebrate, you can promote your menu and entice new patrons by celebrating small holidays, too, like National Cookie Month. Since some people may not know about these smaller holidays, make sure you share them with local ads and social media advertising. Once people know that something’s going on that they can celebrate and you’re giving them a place to celebrate it, they’ll want to be a part of it.

Host an Event

You can host an event that coincides with the small holiday we mentioned above, a big holiday your staff likes to celebrate, or just the season. At any of those events, you can offer attendees samples from your seasonal menu so that they can get excited about what you’re offering this season. Make sure to tell guests that you offer seasonal dishes for each season, not just fall, so they know to show up and try new things in the winter and spring, too. Advertise your event and the menu you’ll serve on social media and around your community to get a good crowd and introduce yourself to new people.

Our tips for promoting fall-themed foods in your restaurant are to strategically share a recipe, celebrate small holidays, and host seasonal or holiday events. Helping people feel included in your restaurant as you celebrate the season will make them want to come back to your restaurant again and again.