Broccoli: Vegetable with great Health Benefits

All the green vegetables that you eat, are definitely health and nutritious, but broccoli is something extra than that.

Broccoli is a vegetable, rich in nutrients and is thought to have many enticing health benefits.

The benefits of Broccoli includes promoting eye heath, improving the functioning of the immune system, and reducing inflammation and oxidative damage.

The benefits of broccoli also includes improving the condition of arteries damage by diabetes and reducing the risk of some forms of cancer.

Health benefits of broccoli are even more attractive now that researches have bred a new form of the vegetable.

The new variety of broccoli contains a much higher level of glucoraphanin than the regular broccoli.

Glucoraphanin gets converted into sulforaphane- a sulfur-rich compound found in vegetables, when broccoli is consumed.


Super Broccoli

The new ‘super broccoli; contains two or three times more glucoraphanin than regular broccoli.

It was created over many years by selectively breeding broccoli plants that had an increased glucoraphanin level.

The super broccoli was bred by British scientists and is being sold to the public in the UK.

It is freely available in the supermarkets. The vegetable was created by the Institute of Food Research, which is also researching on health benefits of broccoli.


Nutrients in Broccoli

The scientific name of broccoli is Brassica oleraces. Broccoli of any kind is rich in nutrients.

Specifically, raw broccoli is an excellent source of vitamins C and vitamins K. In fact, one cup of fresh broccoli contains more than 100% of our daily requirement for these nutrients.

Broccoli is also beneficial vegetable which contains vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene, which our bodies change into the type of vitamin A that we need.

Broccoli is also a good source of manganese. It contains useful amounts of other minerals, including potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron.

Broccoli is beneficial for providing us with dietary fiber and some protein in addition to vitamins and minerals.

The vegetable Broccoli, is low in fat, sugars, calories and sodium.


Benefits of Broccoli

Cancer-preventing properties

The sulforaphane in this vegetable helps to fight against cancer cells.

The bitter taste coming out from the sulfur-containing compound is what gives broccoli the ability to fight free radicals and cancer itself.

Besides, the compounds in broccoli is known as isothyicyanates appear to block and target mutant genes that are associated with cancer progression and growth.


Rich in protein

Broccoli might not contain as much protein as chicken, beef, or fish but, this vegetable has substantial protein that’s close to the amount found in a cup or corn or rice.

The only difference is that you will be consuming more protein and fewer calories when you opt for broccoli over corn as your source of protein.


Alkalizes the body

Just like other vegetables, broccoli helps in keeping your body less acidic.

When the body pH is out of balance, so many processes can get messy.

An imbalance in the body pH can lead to strokes, weakened immune system, and mineral deprivation.


Helps with weight loss

The vegetable makes an ideal choice to help in weight loss for several reasons.

The core reason of weight loss is being the presence of soluble fiber content which helps to control overeating.

Besides that, high fiber content takes longer to digest which makes you feel fuller for longer period of time. It also contains protein, water and fiber.


Aids in dieting

Broccoli is a vegetable, high in fiber and is also a smart carb, which aids in digestion, maintenance of blood sugar, preventing constipation and controlling overreaction in the body.


Helps in reducing inflammation and allergic reaction

Broccoli is a good source of Omega-3-fatty acids, which makes a natural anti-inflammatory vegetable.

It also contains a compound known as kaempferol that helps to lessen the impact of any allergy related substances on your body.


Helps in combat arthritis

The sulforaphane in broccoli is responsible for helping in combat arthritis.

It hinders the production of core destructive enzyme that damages the cartilages in your bones.

By eating broccoli super food severally in a week, you can definitely prevent or slow down osteoarthritis.


How to derive maximum health benefits of broccoli

The secret to getting the best from broccoli is not by eating it when steamed or roasted, but by enjoying it raw or tender-crisps.

Eating raw or tender-crisps broccoli, will help you protect your nutrients levels.

However, the better way to maximize the benefits of eating broccoli is by eating it buds.

You can add broccoli in a super food salad, make a broccoli salad or even steam it with freshly melted cheddar or stir fries.

It’s not only a vegetable beneficial for your healthy, but also extremely easy to prepare and super-nutritious.

Give it a trial and see the health benefits of broccoli in your life.