10 relatable memes to sum up 2020

2020 Memes
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Even though this year has been the hell of the journey, the Internet has never been this overwhelming before. From serious news to the superfluous drama of celebrities, these 2020 relatable memes have certainly given life to those stories. Whether its politics, Taylor Swift, cake, or toilet paper, the 2020 memes are comfort in dark times.

Remember when all of us imagined this year to be the best of all? Although the year is far from over, we have already realized it to be the worst years in recent modern history. The situation due to the unexpected pandemic has made us feel like something is stuck inside our throat. However, we all have to find ways to deal with the situation that has been a real pain in our arse.

We have collected some of the most hilarious memes of 2020. And if you are a meme enthusiast, get ready to slap-your-knee funny with these 10 funny 2020 relatable memes.

1. 2020 is a never-ending year

This is certainly one of the hilarious memes of 2020. The meme exactly relates the pain point that every one of us had to go through this year.

realistic gag

Relatable right? It seems like the year 2020 will go on and on……..

2. What’s more important in 2020

Well, you might be thinking about something like the internet, toilet paper, sanitizer. If that’s the case, you have forgotten about something that’s making a comeback, even surprising WHO.

Have a look at this image and discover yourself,

Funny gag of 2020

This can be relatable as WHO and some of the medically advanced countries completely neglected the fact that masks can save us from the virus.

3. What if 2020 was like a beer?

Cautionary: The picture below can burst your stomach with laughter.

Knee-slapping jokes of 2020

This meme explains everything. In fact, the year 2020 has nothing to cheer about.

4. 2020 outfit of the month

This outfit meme exactly illustrates what was the year 2020 all about and this is so satisfying…..

2020 best jokes

By the way, which outfit fascinated you more??

5. Yes!!! the bullshit virus can never change our way

The thing we can be proud of ourselves is being resilient. The virus just can’t change the way we think about school or studies. I bet you won’t be an exception to admit this meme.

2020 witticism

Dear students, what can so relatable than this?

6. History is going to haunt us

The year 2020 had so much to offer and our mind may not be enough to hold everything. Before it’s too late, make your moves. Else, your life will be what this meme reflects.

funny memes

Make sure you are not going to regret giving mid-term history exams in 2050.

7. What’s next in 2020?

The year can still offer us a lot and if you don’t want to see what’s coming, you may order this cup from your nearest store.

relatable witticism

Don’t you think, it’s a perfect solution…..

8. 2020 travel plan be like

Yes, these days I can’t wait to visit my kitchen…

2020 witticism

Travelling to the opera house was on my bucket list. Thanks to the year 2020 for making my dream come true.

9. Stuck in quarantine

What’s else can be more relatable than this meme? It feels like a minute in a new second…

2020 memes

Yes, I won’t let my plant die because of the bloody virus.

10. Congratulations!!! you have now survived for a decade

 witticism 2020

Is it only me who feels like I am alive for six decades???

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