Shaggy Meme: The Investigation On The Power Of Shaggy Meme

Shaggy Meme

Powerful Shaggy is a viral photograph and photoshops that portray Scooby-Doo’s Shaggy Rogers as a strong superhero. As a matter of fact, in mid-January 2019, memes about Shaggy became famous. But there is a history of that phenomenon. Furthermore, this all began in October 2017, when the Ultra Instinct Shaggy video appeared on YouTube, according to Know Your Meme.

Ultra Instinct Shaggy Meme

Ultra Instinct Shaggy originated in 2017 when YouTuber Midya posted a scene from the Scooby-Doo: Legend of the Phantasaur. In particular, YouTuber Midya released a remix on October 12, putting the soundtrack on the cartoon from the anime “Dragon Ball Super.” Eventually, the video was titled Ultra Instinct Shaggy.

In the video, Shaggy fights under the influence of hypnosis, with a group of thugs. Also, this is an episode of “Scooby-Doo: The Phantosaur’s Legend” cartoon, released in 2011. Moreover, the video became viral and received over 5.7 million views in a year and a half.

Shaggy’s Power: Evolution

2018 saw the rise of the meme about Shaggy. In November, for instance, the user narwhal-lord14 posted a picture on Reddit with the hero, taking photos of him with a katana. Additionally, the image was incorporated with the caption:

Heh … Like, not bad, man. You made me use 10% of my power”.

Shaggy Meme
Shaggy’s Power: Evolution
Source: Know Your Meme

Subsequently, the captions about Shaggy making use of a small part of his strength would become the indispensable attributes of these memes. In early January 2019, a new trend about shaggy’s meme evolved. On January 13, the Redditor Roaringdoom described Shaggy as the “Bizarre Adventure”, an anime hero. Similarly, a comic book appeared on the same day with Superman on Reddit, who is calling for help from Shaggy.

Shaggy Meme
Superman asking help from shaggy
Source: meme media

The meme gained attention around the world for the next few days. Also, Memes with clips from an interview with the stars of the 2002 movie “Scooby-Doo” became a different genre. Also, users were placing fake credits on them, and it turned out that the characters talk about Shaggy’s abilities.

Matthew Lillard, who plays Shaggy’s role in “Scooby-Doo” movie, knows his character’s success. He retweeted one of the memes on January 26, by writing “This Is Wrong.” And the next day, the actor learned that there was a whole subreddit of memes about Shaggy. Responding to that, Lillard shared the link of the thread, writing:

Dear Universe. Please make sure that it never runs out.

Some Of The Evidence On How Powerful Is Shaggy

Shaggy As A Powerful individual

Most Powerful Man In the Universe?

Of course, it’s shaggy.

What If Shaggy Uses His 100% Power?

Shaggy Meme
What is Shaggy uses his 100% power?
Source: Quora

14% Of Shaggy’s Power Is Enough To Create Big Bang

Shaggy Meme
14% Of Shaggy’s Power Is Enough To Create Big Bang Source: Know your meme

Shaggy’s 4% Power Can Dispell Human Soul From Their Body

Shaggy's 4% Power Can Dispell Human Soul From Their Body
Shaggy’s 4% Power Can Dispell Human Soul From Their Body
Source: AhSeeit

Shaggy Is The Only One To Save Us

Shaggy Can Erase Universe

God!!! Well, He Might Be Afraid Of Shaggy

Ultra Instinct Shaggy Quick Facts

  • Shaggy has a Strength over 100000. 
  • It has incredible speed. 
  • Shaggy’s durability is over 100000. 
  • His Agility is indescribable. 
  • The Powerful shaggy only uses 1% of his power against powerful entities and wins.
  • Shaggy Can hold the universe like paperweights.
  • He runs faster than the speed of light. About 10000 Sextillion times more. 
  • Outruns teleportation

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