Science jokes: 10 best cheesy knee slappers

science based pun
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Humour can perfectly fit in all aspects and it is tough to get over it when combined with science. On the other hand, science can give you a brain cramp if you are into learning or teaching. Despite the complexity, the good part is science lends itself to some pretty good jokes. Besides, it takes talent, timing, nuance, and a sophisticated understanding of the audience to create a great joke.

The following list of cheesy science has at least one of those qualities. Below, we collected some of the science-based knee slappers we’ve learned from friends or recalled from childhood. Make sure you crack these cheesy science jokes whenever family/friend gatherings turn tense.

1. What did we learn from the chemistry class?

Some of you might blurt out a chemical reaction, isn’t it? You are a whizz kid, if so but how could you have forgotten about drawing a perfect hexagon. Many talented students learned to draw a perfect hexagon throughout their organic chemistry lectures. 😉

chemistry joke
The truth about organic chemistry, Image Credit: Science Memes

2. Have you heard of acid with attitude?

Confused? This was exactly the case until I heard this pun from one of my colleagues.

Acid with an attitude
Acid with an attitude.
Image credit: Science Memes

This one had a few giggles and groans in the workplace as we shared it. Make sure to share your reaction about this science-based knee slapper.

3. When oxygen and potassium went on a date …

Surprisingly, the date went OK!  Let’s reveal the truth about their compatibility.

Science-based knee slapper
Cheesy Science Jokes: The oxygen and Potassium’s date went OK!
Image Credit: TeePublic

The Oxygen and Potassium are symbolized with O and K. And if they are put together, they interestingly spell OK.

4. Teaming up of Silver Surfer and Iron Man

You will be wrong if you are relating them to be allies. The reality is that they would not only be allies, but also alloys. Not convinced yet? Refer to the explanation below.

silver surfer and iron man
Silver Surfer and Iron man becomes alloys when teamed up, instead of allies.
Image Credit: YouTube

The fact of chemistry is that alloys are formed from the mixture of metals. And silver and iron are metals. Therefore, conforming with the logic of chemistry if silver and iron team up they wouldn’t just be allies, they would be alloys too.

5. The view of a chemist

The optimist will assume it to be half-full whereas the pessimist assumes it to be half empty. When chemist enters into the scene, they simply assume the glass to be full, either it is half, full or empty.

Science-based knee slapper
The view of a chemist
Image Credit: Pikrepo

The science behind this is unless the entire thing is in a vacuum or all the atoms are removed, the glass is simply assumed to be full. Quiet a brainer huh!!!

6. Surprise science test

Chemists are the ones who rarely get surprised or astonished. However, this incident left them thrilled …

Cheesy Science pun
Cheesy Science jokes: The chemist was thrilled
Image Credit: Science Memes

Well, I got a clue to surprise my chemistry teacher. What about you?

7. Have you heard about the pH of YouTube??

You might be surprised to know that YouTube has a stable pH.

You Tube loading
The pH of YouTube.
Image Source: Wikimedia

How? Simply because it constantly buffers.

8. The frog’s dream of meeting a beautiful young girl

A frog calls on a psychic hotline. In the meantime, his personal psychic assistant advises him, ‘You’re going to find a gorgeous girl who wants to know everything about you.

Science-based pun
The Frog and the girl meme.
Image Source: Pixabay

The frog with excitement said: This is great! Will I meet her at a party? The advisor sarcastically replied to him saying, “No,” “in her biology class.” HAHA

9. Do not follow the chemist on the bar

The chemist and his friend went to the bar. The chemist was the first one to order and he ordered H20. His friend didn’t think twice and immediately said, I want H2o2. Unfortunately, the chemist was the only one to survive that night.

Science-based knee slapper
The chemist on the bar meme.
Image Source: Pixabay

How? H20 is the molecular formula of water whereas H2O2 is of hydrogen peroxide. In particular, if we drink hydrogen peroxide, death is inevitable.

10. Biology gives a fuck about Maths

Biology is the one field where multiplication is the same thing as division.

Science pun
In Science, Biology gives a fuck about Maths.
Image Credit: Wikimedia

In biology, cells multiply in number as one cell splits into two cells.

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