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Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards: Hilarious 2021 Finalists

seal sitting on his side holding his mouth
"Mr. Giggles", By Martina Novotna (2021 Finalist)

While many people take photographs of scenic countryside, mountains, deserts, and forests, some like to capture their funny side. Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards was created as a bit of a joke, but it turns out that it can be serious business.

Each year the site selects around 24 photographers from around the world with the funniest wildlife images ever captured. The winner for each category is selected by voting through the general public. You can vote for the photos you liked through the official website of Comedy Wildlife photography awards.

bear sleeping on the side with open mouth
“Draw me like one of your French Bears”, By Wenona Suydam (2021 Finalist)

If you funnily think about animals then this is the perfect challenge for you to take on. Some comedy animal photography awards have been given away as trophies or animals released into sanctuaries where they were safe from harm.

It’s a free, open competition that celebrates and highlights our natural world’s beauty and highlights the importance of protecting it. Every one of Comedy Wildlife’s photographs, from a surprised otter to a swearing turtle, will make you smile.

How it all started?

Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE was looking through his photographs while living in East Africa as a wildlife photographer. He came across several funny ones there and laughed out loud. For example, an eagle peered at the camera through its back legs and a warthog’s bottom. He found the humor of these photographs entertaining. Additionally, it offered people a way to become familiar with the threats to these animals.

big otter holding small otter with her mouth
“Time for school”, By Chee Kee Teo (2021 Finalist)

And then the journey of this award began. Paul and his associates kept in mind the conservation message along with the humor in these photos. And soon their website took off!

In recent years, the competition has evolved into a global one. And they now contribute meaningfully to the amazing world of wildlife along with making people giggle.

And the finalists for the 2021 awards are announced!

There are some beauties – you can check them all out HERE.  There’s a giggling seal, a giraffe riding monkey, a laughing snake, and quite a lot of impressive dance moves from various entries. Even the humble but hilarious pigeon is honored this year.  Isn’t WILDLIFE amazing?!

Here are some awesome finalists that we found hilarious:

sleepy owl perched on wood
“Shhhh! I’m so hungover it hurts.”, By Anita Ross
bird shrugging on hedge
“Shaking Off 2020”, By Dawn Wilson
3 penguins walking on sea shore
“We’re Too Sexy For This Beach”, By Joshua Galicki
bald eagle crashing on a tree branch
“Majestic and Graceful Bald Eagle”, By David Eppley

If you want to see the full collection and be part of the judging process, the Affinity Photo People’s Choice Award is now open to the public. The voting is open until 12 October.

The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on 22 October.

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