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Who Is DaBaby & Why Is He The Most Hated Person Right Now?


There was a time when even the most famous people could get away with making the nastiest comments about someone else. From sexuality to body shaming, it was as if a common thing for people to hate on others based on it. But with changing times, whether you’re a president or a mere rapper (we’re looking at you Trump and DaBaby), you can’t get away with your words, not when the internet is watching.

There have been multiple cases where well-known celebrities have faced major backlash for the statements they make. Whether it’s Kanye West supporting Donald Trump, Ellen DeGeneres’ workplace toxicity, or YouTubers getting called out for their behaviors. The latest one to ride the train of controversy is rapper DaBaby.

Here is a timeline of DaBaby and why he is the most hated person right now.

DaBaby and His Homophobic Comments on Stage.

After more than a year after the COVID-19 pandemic, live shows, concerts, and music festivals are finally happening in the United States. One such festival was the Rolling Loud festival where DaBaby was one of the headliners in Miami.

It was a fine July night where anticipating fans waited for hours to watch artists perform live. And the “Suge” hit-maker decides to bring rapper Tory Lanez on to the stage to perform his latest single “SKAT”. And if that wasn’t controversial enough, we went on making homophobic comments in between the performance. So much so that someone threw a bootlegged Adidas at the rapper.

“If you didn’t show up today with HIV, AIDS, or any of them deadly sexually transmitted diseases that’ll make you die in two to three weeks, then put your cell phone lighter up,” said the rapper while performing. DaBaby continued making other hurtful comments targeting the gay community thus, facing backlash.


As a result of his homophobic comments on stage, DaBaby has become the center of attention in the recent past. From collaborations to performances, the rapper is getting pulled off of every major project he had this year.

First, due to his statement on the Rolling Loud stage, clothing company boohooMAN ended their collaboration with the rapper. DaBaby had a 100-piece summer collection deal with the brand which launched in June 2021. But the company abruptly ended the collaboration blaming it on his use of homophobic language.

Collaborations quickly turned into music festivals removing DaBaby from their performance lineups. Parklife Festival was quick to take the rapper’s name off of its list. However, the rep for the festival made a statement that the decision was due to COVID-19 and not his comments on the Rolling Loud festival.

Next Up, Lollapalooza withdrew the name of DaBaby from its long lists of artists and performers. However, they weren’t shy to admit that the decision, in fact, came after the rapper made his comments.

Now, two more festivals have removed DaBaby’s name from their performance lineup. Both the Governors Ball and Day N Vegas shared official statements on their social media pages condemning the rapper’s statement and announcing that they’re removing him from the lineup.

Other Artists Weigh In.

With controversy, it’s obvious that there will be people weighing in their opinions. And when it’s a celebrity, there’s no doubt that there will be two sides to the story. Hence, with DaBaby facing controversy, multiple artists spoke up against as well as in favor of the rapper.

Artists like Dua Lipa, Megan Thee Stallion, Quest Love, etc., voice their opinion on the rapper’s statement and let the fans know that they do not condemn this behavior.


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However, other artists like T.I., Tory Lanez, and Boosie defend the honor of DaBaby and speak in favor of the “Suge” hit-maker.

The Rapper Apologizes.

DaBaby previously defended his statement saying he wasn’t offending anyone with it and that it was a “call to action” for his fans. He didn’t even hesitate and dropped a new music video and continue promoting his shows.

However, after facing a backlash as well as getting pulled out of multiple festivals, shows, and collaborations, DaBaby finally issued a formal apology.


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He let his fans know that he didn’t mean to offend anyone, especially the LGBTQ community and the people living with HIV/AIDs.

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