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When Will Love Island UK Come to Hulu For the US Audience?

Love Island UK Season 7 on Hulu

One of the top-rated dating reality shows in the UK, Love Island is back with a new season for the seventh time. The show is quite popular among the audiences of Australia, the USA, and the UK.

After a long wait, the official broadcasting partner, ITV premiered the seventh season of Love Island UK on July 28. The show aired on the evening at 9 p.m. with Laura Whitmore as host. Β The series has once more relied on Iain Sterling for narration.

The Love Island team welcomed the new batch of Islanders for the coming summer with a colorful GIF tweet.

Moreover, the contestants are singles that are subjected to challenges and tasks, mainly initiatives for getting into relationships. Staying single undoubtedly possess a risk of being dumped during eliminations which will somewhat keep the quest of getting together going among the contestants.

But the big question is when the Love Island be available on Hulu?

Although the fans in the UK have the pleasure of tuning in to watch the daily show, the US audience does not share the same privilege. The audience outside the UK must rely on other streaming platforms among which Hulu is a favorite in the US. So, love Island will hit up the screens soon enough but not as early as ITV.

Following the tradition, the episodes will be available on Hulu two weeks after their original aired date. So, people in the US can start binge-watching Love Island from July 12. The upload rate will be one episode per day. In contrast, you will be running two weeks late which is a curse if you cannot avoid the spoilers.

VPN to bypass geo-restriction

ITV Hub is not accessible outside the UK. Only the people living in the UK and having a subscription to the channel can enjoy the live episodes. However, VPN is a great way to get through geographically restricted content. With VPN, you can change the location of your device and set it to the UK to access the show on the ITV website.

Besides, VPN also secures your online presence. Even the Internet Service Providers can not track your device address with VPN on. You can easily find VPNs for both Android phones and desktops. Just some hustle but all worth watching it in real-time.

Here is the list of islanders that you will see in Love Island UK Season 7

  1. Aaron Francis – Host of Luxury events
  2. Sharon Gaffka – Β Works as operations lead at Department of Transport
  3. Liberty Poole – Marketing student with waitressing as a side profession
  4. Shannon Singh – Model
  5. Hugo Hammond – Teacher
  6. Kaz Kamwi – Fashion blogger
  7. Chloe Burrows – Marketing executive from Bicester
  8. Brad McClelland – Laborer from Northumberland
  9. Faye Winter – Lettings Manager
  10. Toby Aromolaran – Footballer
  11. Chuggs Wallis – Owner of hats company
  12. Liam Reardon – Bricklayer
  13. Rachel Finni – Luxury travel specialist
  14. Jake Cornish – Water engineer

If you are exhausted by the gossip of the Love Island and have not watched it before, check out the last six seasons on Hulu.

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