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Naked Attraction: A British Dating Show That Will Shock You

Naked Attraction: A British Dating Show That Will Shock You

We can all admit that dating shows are our guilty pleasures. People watch dating shows to cringe at the contestants, have a laugh, and most often as background TV. We find many pleasures in watching these guilty dating shows.

And the entertainment industry is undoubtedly catching on. Nowadays, there is an absolute variety of dating shows to watch on TVor on Netflix. With such a variety of shows being produced, the theme of these shows is also getting more creative and sometimes downright weird.

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There are popular TV shows like The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, then weird ones like Too Hot To Handle, and then there is Naked Attraction. Naked Attraction is a shocking show, to say the least. And if you don’t like nudity on shows, you should definitely skip this one.

So, What is Naked Attraction about?

This dating show, unlike others, starts where most good dates end, being naked. The show starts with a male or female contestant of any age or having any sexual preference. This show encompasses the contestant choosing a partner among the available six suitors solely from looking at their bodies.

The show includes full nudity. When we say full nudity, we mean the entire front and back. According to the contestants ‘ preferences, these people may be from age, gender, size, and shape.

So the dating show starts with Anna Richardson, the presenter, inviting a clothed contestant. They have a little chat about the contestant’s preferences and such. And then comes the fun part. The stage has six colorful panels, which are lifted part-by-part (every round), behind which are the six naked suitors. One of the six suitors is eliminated by the contestant every round until the two remain.

Then our clothed contestant goes backstage and some back fully nude. At this point, we don’t even know what is happening. The contestant chooses a suitor from the remaining two, and they get to go on a date without knowing anything about each other. We have to say that they go to the date fully clothed.

The funniest part about the show is how cooly the contestants and Anna Richardson talk about the genitals.

Naked Attraction, needless to say, has shocked Americans.

Unlike in the UK, censorship in the US is strictly regulated by the Federal Communications Commission. And unlucky (or maybe luckily) for Americans, the FCC eliminates things that are considered obscene, indecent, and profane content from TV. That is why Naked Attraction will never fly in the US.

However, Americans traveling to the UK are constantly in for a shock when they discover this show. Take Chrissy Teigen, for example. She traveled to London back in 2017 and was shocked to find this show on TV.

So if you are curious about this show, maybe you should hop on YouTube and give it a watch. This show will definitely blow your mind.

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