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The French Surfing Champion, Poeti Norac Died At 24: The Cause of Her Death With Complete Biography

Who would have thought that Poeti Norac is not only leaving France but also the world? Yes, the 24 years old Frech Surfing Champion took her last breathe after a few weeks she moved to Australia in order to follow her lifelong passion for chasing waves. As a matter of fact, she had become a finalist four times in France’s National Championships.

The late French Surfer was first inspired by her father and had dedicated her life to surfing. Without fulfilling her dreams, she left the world at an early age of 24. Shortly after the news of her death, all social media and the internet became covered with the headlines about early death. So, what was the cause of her death? What did she do before her death?

Let’s dig into her biography and find in detail about her personal and professional life. Till then, stay tuned.

Poeti Norac Died At An Early Age of 24

Poeti Norac, who had been following her dreams, died just weeks after she moved to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia in order to follow her surfing passion. She had just begun her career and was 24 years old. Her sudden death news shocked the world as people haven’t yet stopped reading about the death of the professional basketball player, Kobe Bryant and the entrepreneur, Leila Janah.

Poeti Norac died at an early age of 24
Poeti Norac died at an early age of 24
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After Norac’s early death, The French Surfing Federation sadly remembered the late surfer as a beautiful person with a radiant smile. It stated:

The surfing community has lost a family member, a beautiful person with a radiant smile, an artist on her board and whose enthusiasm radiated in the Vendee and everywhere else.

The Surfing Federation added about Poeti an ‘outstanding educator’ who had transmitted her passion for surfing and the ocean.

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OXBOW Reaction on Poeti Norac’s Sudden Death

After Poeti’s sudden death, her sponsor from OXBOW (a surf clothing brand), Elle went to her Instagram and shared a tribute to the surfer with her photo. She captioned the post:

It is with great sadness that we learned of the disappearance of our young ambassador Poéti Norac. The youngest member of our family of ambassadors for over 4 years, Poéti had been moving to Australia for several months to perfect her English and ride the pretty Australian waves. Her father informed us of her disappearance last week on the Sunshine Coast, and it is in agreement with her family that we are publishing this terrible news today.

Elle moreover added:

More than an ambassador, we are losing a real member of the OXBOW family. It is with a heavy heart that we send to his loved ones and her many friends our deepest and deepest condolences. Her smile will forever be etched in our memories.

Before her death, Poeti was totally active for the OXBOW. Although she is now far from the world, she will always remain in the memories of her fans and admirers. May her soul rest in peace!

Cause of Her Death

As we mentioned earlier, Poeti Norac left the world a few weeks after she moved to Sunshine Coast, Australia. The French Surfing Federation first announced her death where the circumstances of her death still remain unclear to the media.

The cause of Poeti Norac's death is still a mystery
The cause of Poeti Norac’s death is still a mystery
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Her instant disappearance made it all clear that she is now far from the world. However, her dead body is yet to be found as the French Federation is constantly working on the case of her death. The Federation stated:

A ceremony in tribute to Poeti will take place soon, the date and place of which we will communicate to you. 

Norac died at the age of 24, leaving her footsteps behind on the ocean. The actual cause of her death is still a mystery.

Inspired By Her Father, Bruno

Poeti Norac had successfully established her career as a French longboard champion as well as a surf instructor. She always took her father, Bruno as her inspiration and started surfing with him at the age of six. She dedicated her life to her passion and became a four-time finalist in France’s national championships.

Poeti Norac won several surfing championships before her sudden death
Poeti Norac won several surfing championships before her sudden death
Image Source: [email protected]

In the year 2016, Poeti became third, whereas, in 2018, she listed second in France’s national championships. While competing in the Coupe du France, she won 10 events. As a matter of fact, she had been competing in longboard surfing for nearly 10 years.

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