Why Do The British People Dislike Prince Charles?

Why Do The British People Dislike Prince Charles?

He’s always trying to control the press, he goes to war against the houses of parliament, and he’s just not that popular. The British people have always been suspicious of Prince Charles’ reign.

But what is it about Prince Charles that makes him unfavorable in the eyes of the British public? What is it about his mannerisms and personal behavior? Why do people think he does not fit with Britain’s image as a modern European country? If you are interested in knowing why this is so, then read on!

So why do the Brits find Prince Charles objectionable?

Do you know why the British people dislike Prince Charles? It’s not as easy as it first seems. In fact, because of the mystery surrounding him, it is very difficult to pinpoint exactly what people have against the Prince of Wales. However, speculating on just a few factors can explain what exactly makes him unpopular in Britain.

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Perhaps it is his involvement in a high-profile divorce case with the People’s Princess or his affair with his now-wife Camila Parker Bowles. Regardless, for many Brits, these incidents have been enough to create a rift between Charles and his public.

It wasn’t very long ago that he was being celebrated for being so modern. He also confidently took on the role of “Prince of Wales”. The British Public was proud to have a future leader in their country who seemed progressive. They were happy at how he was able to even curate his own image.

However, since then people have grown disappointed with Prince Charles. Despite having a net worth of £50 million, he continues to deny his wealth when opportunities arise.

The British Royal Family has always been a bunch that the public has looked up to. However, with all his actions and opinions that he publicly displays, Prince Charles is not keeping up with the standards that the people were expecting of him.

Just too expensive…

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The BBC reported that in 2010 alone, Prince Charles was involved in 38 trips abroad and spent 216 days away from Britain. He only contributed £6.2 million towards official travel expenses and paid for 91% of these costs out of his own pocket. But the royals are known for spending much on their travels.

There was one particular tour that stood out above all others in terms of spending, totaling $5.87 million on travel expenses.

Taking into account the current British financial year (which starts and ends in March), the most expensive trip of the year goes to Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. Their 12 days in the Caribbean back in March cost approximately $530,000.

Hurting Lady Di

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Getting married to Diana and getting involved with Camilla was the final nail in his public perception coffin. He was cheating on the adored, beloved, and attractive young wife Diana with the “outdated, uncool, older, and unattractive” Camilla. It was seen as a betrayal of the People’s Princess. The reason he married Diana may not have been love but for convenience. That is his family’s standing, his desire to produce an heir, and his perception that the Queen and public might not consider Camilla Parker-Bowles as a suitable spouse at the time.

Princess Diana was beloved in Britain for her humanitarian work. Her warmth and friendliness made her stand out. Unlike Diana, Charles has always been extremely reserved and serious. Some people consider him stuffy and snobbish. This is the main reason he gets a lot of bad PR. People took sides in Wales’s marriage, and most people took Diana’s side and saw her as the victim. He was portrayed as an uncaring, adulterous husband.

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