Leila Janah: Everything About The Late CEO Of Samasource -Cause Of Death

Who had thought that the lady with a moral heart would die at such an early age? Yes, we are talking about Leila Janah. The moral leader had successfully established her career as the CEO and Founder of Samasource, a machine learning training data company. She recently passed away at the age of 37 leaving behind all things she ever planned for.

Janah had completed her education from Harvard University. As a matter of fact, she was spending a blissful married life with her husband, Tassilo Festetics. The lady with a great heart left the world without fulfilling her dreams, also left behind the lavish life she had got. Well, how much net worth she had? What was the reason for her death?

Let’s discuss her biography from first to last in the lower sections of this page. Stay with us.

Childhood of Leila Janah – Parents, Family

The late-CEO of Samasource, Leila Janah was born near Niagara Falls in New York on 9th October 1982. Before her birth, her parents had migrated to the United States and later got settled there.

Due to weak financial conditions, her childhood was quite lousy. In order to create economic security, Leila started finding jobs and also did babysitting and tutoring. She was a very hardworking and passionate girl since her childhood.

Leila Janah during her childhood with her mother and aunt
Leila Janah during her childhood with her mother and aunt
Image Source: Leila’s Instagram

Together, Leila studied at the California Academy of Mathematics and Science. Just because of her brilliant performances, she ended up with an educational scholarship at the age of 17 through American Field Services.

Later, she spent six months teaching to the Ghana students. Luckily, she received an opportunity to study at Harvard University from where she graduated with a degree in African Development Studies in 2005.

Professional Life

During her graduation, Leila Janah was serving as a management consultant with Katzenbach Partners. She then managed a call center in Mumbai, India with the firm. She had no idea of opening any company until 2008.

In 2007, she left Katzenbach Partners in order to become a scholar at Stanford University. There she led a program on Global Justice, founded by Joshua Cohen.

Idea Behind Samasource

In the year 2008, Leila formed a company for herself which she titled, Samasource. The company focuses on providing digital skills training as well as gives a facility of internet employment paying a living wage. Also, there are courses available for students in digital literacy, workforce readiness, and portfolio building.

Leila first got the idea of establishing her own company in 2007. When she had visited the call center in Mumbai, she encountered a man of her call center who traveled each day from one of the largest slums in South Asia just to work there. After seeing that, the idea popped into her mind and started proving different training on the internet.

The platform also makes a person able to learn basic computer skills and assist a scholarship program with continuing education costs. Also, they provide microloans to have a startup in life. That’s why it is taken as among most innovative companies with clients like Walmart, Google, General Motors and Microsoft.

Matter of fact, more than 33,000 people have been moved out of poverty since 2008 by Samasource. More than 20,000 people have taken Samaschool courses from 65 countries.

Other Platforms

After explaining and exploring Samasource for a long time, Leila Janah started opening more platforms that could provide more digital skills training and reach more peoples. In 2013, she founded Samaschool to take the people out of poverty, giving them home-based jobs. In San Francisco, the firm started a pilot program that focused on making people perform digital work competitively.

Well, in 2012, Leila had already founded Samahope which funded doctors to provide life-changing medical treatments for poor women and children. In the year 2015, she came up with a profit luxury skincare brand, LXMI. The main idea behind LXMI was beauty in action. Moreover, the main goal of the brand is to provide the job to the women in the East-Africa that allows them to earn thrice the local wages. Moreover, she was also on the list of Elle Magazine’s Women in Tech in 2016.

Who was Leila Janah’s Husband?

As we mentioned earlier, Leila Janah was a married woman. She was spending a happy married life with her husband now widower, Tassilo Festetics. Her husband, Tassilo currently serves as the vice president of global solutions.

Leila had once mentioned that her spouse and daughter were the ones who supported her every time and by whom she could survive for so long. Although she was suffered from cancer, she was never giving up women. Janah was never burdened by the economical problem because Tassilo was always there.

Leila Janah with her widower husband, Tassilo Festetics
Leila Janah with her widower husband, Tassilo Festetics
Image Source: Leila Janah’s Instagram

Also, Tassilo did a lot to treat his wife. Their relationship was smooth and strong. On 19th November 2019, she posted a picture with her husband and described everything about her soon recovery. Sadly, Leila left her family and the world at such an early age.

Currently, Tassilo is taking care of his daughter as a single father. She not only left the world but also left happy memories to her family, fans, and well-wishers.

Died At The Age of 37: Reason Explained (Cause Of Death)

Many of Leila Janah’s fans might know that she was diagnosed with Epitheloid Sarcoma. It is a rare and slow-growing type of soft tissue cancer. In some ways, it is treatable but when it steps higher stages, it becomes hard for doctors to make a patient survive for long. As soon as Leila found the disease, she shared the news on her Facebook to her fans;

I recetly learned I have a rare but treatable form of cancer: epithlioid sarcoma. I decided to share it publicly because I have learned, in the course of building Samasource and LXMI, that the consistent support of friends and community is a powerful tool in the face of many seemingly impossible obstacles.

Leila Janah during her last days of life
Leila Janah during her last days of life
Image Source: Leila Janah’s Instagram

During the time when she first got diagnosed with the disease, she was planning for her wedding with Tassilo. Since then she fought with the disease and tried healing it till her death. She never stopped posting her treatment pictures to her fans. The women with a great heart died of cancer on 24th January 2020. As soon as she passed away, the internet is full of headlines about her. May her soul rest in peace.

How Much Net Worth Leila Had?

Leila Janah always tried doing for peoples. When she was serving as the CEO of Samasource, her company helped over 50,000 people for lifting themselves out of poverty. She still owns 24% of LXMI where LLC owns 36% and Samasource owns 12%. She spread the work chances in home to home and provided internet-based training as well as works. Also, she paid a wage to lift the poor in the upper ground.

Leila Janah lived a lavish life before her death in 2020
Leila Janah lived a lavish life before her death in 2020
Image Source: Leila’s Instagram

As per the records, Leila’s Samasource is on track to pull $15 million in revenue this year. To the remote freelancers, they pay less than $2.50 a day to more than $8. She has also authored a book, Give Work which collects all her philosophies to fight with global poverty. Due to her sudden death, her net worth is not yet cleared in the media.

As per the reports, in a business plan competition at Stanford, she won the whopping amount of $14 thousand as prize money. Additionally, In the European business plan contest, she also raised $30,000. She was also chosen to participate in fbFund worth $13 million to support entrepreneurs and developers.

Here what she thought about ancestry,

Immigrants have become scapegoats for the joblessness and desperation plaguing America’s white working class. This is unacceptable, just as it was when Irish and Italian immigrants were scapegoats in a prior era. As a nation, we have always been more of an affinity group than an ethnic group, united not by our skin color or religion but by our core philosophy that a person is the sum of his actions, not his ancestry. That’s what makes America great.