Kobe Bryant’s Eldest Daughter, Natalia Bryant Shared a Close Relation With Late Sister, Gianna Bryant

Natalia Diamante Bryant

The tragic death of the basketball legend, Kobe Bryant along with his daughter has made the world speechless. On the other hand, the grief his family is facing can’t be compared with the feelings about how the world feels after his death. Additionally, Gianna was not only the daughter of Kobe Bryant,  but he was also a proud father of three more daughters named Bianka Bella Bryant, Natalia Diamante Bryant, and Capri Kobe Bryant.

In this article, we will be talking more about Kobe’s eldest daughter, Natalia Diamante Bryant. How was her relationship with her father, Kobe? How close was she with her late sister Gianna? Reportedly, Natalia celebrated her 17 birthday just a week before the tragic death of her father, Kobe, and sister, Gianna. Along with her father and sister, six more people became the victim of the deadly helicopter crash.

Relationship With Her Father Kobe Bryant

Matter of fact, Natalia is the eldest daughter of late Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa Laine Bryant. Additionally, she was born on  January 19, 2003, as the first child of the Bryant family. Inspired by her father, she is also an avid athlete, playing volleyball for her school, Sage Hill High School in Los Angeles.

Natalia with her late father Kobe Bryant
Natalia with her late father Kobe Bryant
Source: Mpasho

Being a first child, Natalia was the apple of the eye of her father. Moreover, he never used to miss a chance to attend her volleyball games, inspiring and motivating her to be well-known in the coming days. Back in 2003, being a new father to Natalia, he expressed his joy via an interview with Jet Magazine, he said:

I’ve learned how to be patient. Patience and listening, you must have those in a relationship [and to be a good father].

In the same interview, he added that he loves to spend time with his wife and daughter when he is not hitting the court. He said,

messing around with my wife and Natalia all day pretty much. Reading to her, watching TV, jumping her up and down. She follows and she smiles.

Furthermore, he explained his philosophy of how he feels being a parent of Natalia, saying:

My philosophy is I want to teach my daughter Natalia to pretty much experience life to the fullest, the ups and downs. I know some parents don’t want their kids to go through any down periods. I do. I’ll be there; I’ll support her.

Although Natalia is not active in social media, she used to get featured in the social media account of her parents, especially on her father’s Instagram.

Memorable Time Line About Natalia’s Relationship With Her Father

Back on January 20, 2020, Kobe posted a picture of Natalia, wishing her birthday with the caption:

Happy Birthday my baby. I love you beyond measure. You will always be my little Principessa #17

Natalia Bryant
Natalia’s picture posted by Kobe on the occasion of her 17th birthday
Source: Kobe’s Instagram

Kobe posted Natalia’s picture along with his family on occasion of Christmas in 2019

Kobe’s post on Instagram on the occasion of 2019 Christmas, Source: Instagram

On August 4, 2019, Kobe posted a picture of his daughters featuring his eldest daughter Natalia Bryant

Natalia Bryant
Natalia along with her sister
Source: Kobe’s Instagram

Kobe Bryant posted a picture of Natalia’s on the occasion of her 16th birthday

Kobe with her daughter Diamante
Kobe’s Instagram picture with her daughter Natalia on her 16th birthday
Source: Instagram

Likewise, he never missed a chance to wish Natalia on her every birthday. On her 16th birthday, he posted an emotional caption along with the picture of Natalia, writing:

Happy Birthday to our angel Natalia. I remember the days when you would sit on my lap at post-game press conferences as if it was yesterday. You are a true blessing baby. We love you more than you could ever imagine #mynani #15 #timehaswings #proudpappa.

Kobe's Instagram picture of the occasion of his eldest daughter's 16th birthday
Kobe’s Instagram picture of the occasion of his eldest daughter’s 16th birthday
Source: Instagram

With all the evidence from Kobe’s Instagram account, we can conclude that Natalia had a good bonding with her father. We are shocked to write about how she must be feeling, losing her role model in a tragic accident. May God give her all the strength to overcome the pain she is suffering from the loss of her father.

Natalia Bryant Relationship With Her Late Sister Gianna Bryant

Being the first child of Bryant’s family, Natalia is special among all daughters in the family. Additionally, it was only because of Natalia’s birth that convinced Kobe’s parents to accept the relationship between Kobe and his wife, Venessa.

The family had to suffer from a miscarriage in the spring of 2005, i.e. two years after the birth of Natalia. Further, after the year of miscarriage, the couple again planned for the baby and by God’s grace, the Bryant family was blessed with a beautiful daughter Gianna, born in May 2006.

Having three years of the age gap, the sisters were more like a friend than siblings. Moreover, the sisters spent 10 years together, growing up, before their 3rd sibling Bianka was born in 2016. Apart from the smaller age gap, Natalia and her late sister was an avid athlete which made their bonding stronger.

Diamante along with her family
Natalia Bryant along with her family
Source: Bta

In particular, Natalia plays as a middle hitter in volleyball, representing the team of Sage Hill High School in Los Angeles, California. On the other hand, her late sister Gianna used to play basketball for her high-school team, following the footstep of their father, Kobe Bryant.

Although Natalia is not involved in the social platform, her relationship with Gianna can be assumed to the immortal one. Both of them being an athlete, they must have been a motivational factor for each other. Growing up together with Gianna, the sisters had managed to be a pillar for each other. Unfortunately, with the heavy heart, we are compelled to report that the immortal bonding between the sisters has faded away with the untimely demise of Gianna in a helicopter crash.

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