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Struggling To Bond With Your New Pet? Here Is How

Struggling To Bond With Your New Pet? Here Is How

Getting a new pet is overwhelmingly exciting. But the harsh reality that you and your new pet don’t actually know each other can be intimidating. We expect them to instantly bond with us. However, it doesn’t happen overnight. It is like any other relationship. Creating a solid bond for sure takes time. It’stotallt okay to spend a few uncomfortable days or weeks. It is all part of the process.

Before you give up on your new pet and doubt your own capability. Try these ways to establish trust, develop loyalty, and connect with your pet. However, following these ways make sure your pet is comfortable. And speed the process if necessary. Because we want to see you and your pet being best friends in no time.

Become Their Feeder

Struggling To Bond With Your New Pet? Here Is How

This is the best headstart considering all the tips on the list. Your pet’s reliance on you for food gives the perfect opportunity for a stronger and trustful bond. Your pet automatically will start seeing you as their guardian as it begins to trust you as their food source. Enjoy this process but be consistent with your food routine.

Establish Trust

Let your pet wander around and be habituated with their new environment. Give them their independence. Always remember to keep your voice low while interacting with them. Pet your pet (literally), touch them or cuddle with them so that the animal becomes habituated to your touch and begins to trust you. In a nutshell, your pet will only trust you if you trust them too.

Learn To Read Your Pet

Struggling To Bond With Your New Pet? Here Is How

I know learning and understanding what your pet is trying to say is not a piece of cake. However, the sheer attention to their reaction can be helpful. Eventually, you will know when and why they are being excited, scared, and then playful. You have to adapt to your pets’ feelings and reactions to the new environment. For example, you can easily read a dog or a cat by its tail. Similarly, do not try to approach forcibly when they are scared, aggressive, or fearful. This is why reading your pet is necessary.

Communication Is The Key

To have a good bond, you should build trust from the early days itself. You need to gain your pet’s trust and train them in the early stages. It is an essential part of your long journey with your pet. Be consistent with your training. Headstart with easy training such as making them sit, holding paw, and eventually ascend the training. Another great and easy training is walking together to build an attachment and bond. Giver healthy attention to your pet and try understanding them. When you share a greater understanding, in no time you will see your bond getting much stronger and better.

Be Consistent With Your Routine

Struggling To Bond With Your New Pet? Here Is How
Mary Bermingham walking Emelia (Juliana Breed) Pig, The Burren Nature Sanctuary, Kinvara, Co Galway. Photograph by David Ruffles

Just like we humans like our days to be consistent and scheduled. All pets like having a routine too. Hence sticking to a set schedule from day one can help them adjust quickly. Try to adopt at least some regular activities. For example, feed them at the same time every day. Go for daily walks, and set a fixed time to bed each night during those first few weeks. It will help them adjust and later become their daily routine which will be much easier for you to vouch for their needs.

In a nutshell, every animal has their own personality and experience. some may bond with you in no time while some may take time. However, endure the process positively, patiently, and peacefully. Because a lovely magical bond is waiting for you in the long run of life.

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