Netflix’s New Horror Series Marianne is The Scariest Show Ever

Be prepared to lock your door or hide behind your sofas at night.

Viewers used to get nightmares with freaky TV series like The Haunting of Hill House and Slasher back then.

And now Netflix has finally dropped a spooky new horror series Marianne just in time of Friday the 13th.

It’s the time of the year where Netflix starts gearing up for Halloween with the release of several spooky shows and films.

And Netflix chose to release the whole series on Friday the 13th as part of the same, however, this new horror series Marianne looks to be leading the way this autumn.

This Friday the 13th was also a full harvest moon, making it the perfect release date for fans to watch horror series.

As the Netflix’s new horror series Marianne’s trailer shows, there’s plenty of shock and suspense to look forward to.

From body buried in the forest and people becoming possessed to someone cut with inscriptions emerging from water, there’s a lot to handle.

Now, as the series have already dropped on Netflix, fans are eager to see what unnerving delights awaits for them.

The show is certainly creepy, with the trailer alone revealing terrifying possessions, body mutilation and the incredibly frightening Marianne.

Noteworthy, if you have a weak heart, the Netflix’s new horror series Marianne will be too much for you to handle.

So, get ready to take a new adventurous journey to the most horrifying show ever on Netflix.


What is the Story of Netflix’s New Horror Series Marianne?

Netflix’s new horror series Marianne is a French series split into eight equally terrifying episodes and stars Victoire Du Bois in the lead.

Meanwhile, Mireille Herbstmeyer as Marianne, is an actress who is little-known outside her homeland.

While the rest of the casts overwhelms with up and coming French actors as opposed to recognized names.

Like something pulled from the warped mind of Stephen King, the Netflix’s new horror series Marianne focuses on a tormented writer who comes face to face with her own frictional villain.

Call Me By Your Name’s Victorie Du Bois plays Emma, a famous horror writer who uses her books to keep an evil witch confined to the page.

Author Emma supposedly writes her horror novels as a way to fight the nightmare nemesis.

However, things take a horrifying turn when Emma’s novels can no longer stop the witch from crossing over the real world.

When the characters of her books start to come to like, Emma is heads to home.

However, when she heads back to her hometown, she finds out that the evil witch from her dreams, is causing havoc in the real world.

Also, other demons in her stories is legit, since people in her hometown reports interactions with the evil spirit.

The series focuses on Emma to find out the end of the story and get rid the town of Marianne, all while the witch promises to punish her.


What Are Viewers Reaction?

While the Netflix’s new horror series Marianne has only just dropped, audience have started to go crazy.

Viewers are supposed to get major HOHH vibes from the last scene in the trailer, when the dark specter of Marianne looms over Emma while she lies paralyzed in bed.

Twitter has been abuzz with appraisal with the Netflix’s new horror series Marianne.

One user wrote: “Marianne is intense/terrifying/disturbing Geez Netflix.”

Although the user recommended people to watch the Netflix’s new horror series Marianne in French with subtitles, rather than the English version.

Other user wrote: “yall have to watch Marianne on Netflix, it’s a brand new French horror sequence.”

One other added: “Speaking as a seasoned devourer of all things horror, Marianne is the scariest thing Netflix has ever done. And yes, that includes The Haunting of Hill House, which I adored.”

One viewer defined: ‘I LOVE scary movies and they never really scare me (except a few) but I’m watching this French sequence on Netflix referred to as Marianne and I’m scared to loss of life and I’ve solely watched 20 min of it. I. Cant. Even. Transfer. #assist’

From the viewer’s point of view we can say that the Netflix’s new horror series Marianne is undoubtedly not a sequence to observe by yourself in a dead of night.

The worry issue begins from the very first episode of the horror series.

Now imagine how far the most horrifying series on Netflix can go?