How will Game of Thrones End?

game of thrones

If you haven’t yet watched the show you might want to skip it because, spoilers ahead!!!

There is no other show that brings as much emotional trauma as Game of Thrones does. This is a lesson all the diehard fans of the series learned the moment Ned Stark lost his head for treason.

And then onwards, we have all learned not to love a character ever again. Because George R.R. Martin has absolutely no problem killing them off.

And neither does David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, the producers, and showrunners of Game of Thrones.

As hard as it is to know the show is ending, fans are more eager to see how they’ve decided to end it off.

Since the writers have already warned that the show will have a bittersweet ending, we can’t really expect anything.

Especially after, out of nowhere, Arya stabs the Night King on the 4th episode.

Or Daenerys blowing up the entire Kings Landing with Dragon fire on the 5th episode.

As catastrophic as the 5th episode was, there is very little left for imagination for the very last episode of the entire series.

The truth is, the internet is divided at this point where out of millions of fans, less than half think that the show is still amazing.

Whereas more than half of the watchers have called the 8th and the final season, the worst so far.

Thanks to all the plot-holes, out-of-the-book scripts and scenes, the storyline moving too quickly, and the unexpected (or unwanted) twists and turns of events.

As hateful as we can be, there’s just one episode left. And here are some theories on how will Game of Thrones ends.

Arya Stark Kills Daenerys Targaryen.

how will game of thrones end

People are still angry about how Cersei died because the prophecy was entirely different. And we were all rooting for Jamie to strangle her to death.

Well, since that’s not happening anymore, should we stop believing in prophecies all together?

But Melisandre’s prophecy to Arya in Season 2 has been true so far.

“I see a darkness in you. And in that darkness, eyes staring back at me. Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes sealed shut forever. We will meet again.”

She killed Walder Frey, who had brown eyes. She killed the Night King with blue eyes. But, whose green eyes will Arya shut forever?

Initially, everyone thought it was Cersei since she was one of the names in her list. And she also has green eyes.

But, now that its simply not possible, the person she might kill would be the dragon queen herself.

Yes, the book does say that Daenerys has purple eyes. But in the show her eyes are green.

And after the madness shed shown on the last episode, most of the part of the carnage was shot from Aryas point of view.

Even though Arya was shown heading out on a horse, we dont really know where shes going.

And after experiencing the horrors of Daenerysdoings by herself, Arya knows Dany isnt the right person to rule the seven kingdoms.

Sansa Stark becomes the Queen.

how will game of thrones end

Now, here is the theory I truly believe would happen. And after everything thats said and done, it might be Sansa Stark that sits on the throne.

Think about it, who knows the politics of the throne better than Sansa.

Jon Snow has time and again said that he doesnt want to be the king. He is exactly like his father, or should I say his uncle Ned Stark in the south.

He gets manipulated easily even though he is a great leader.

And after the chaos Daenerys has caused down in Kings Landing, it’s hard to say if people will ever support her again.

Arya doesnt want to be the queen because thats not her.

So, were left with Sansa Stark, the one whos been dreaming of becoming the queen since she was little.

She has a lot of knowledge about political treachery thanks to Cersei, Littlefinger, Tyrion, and Ramsay.

She is indeed smarter than anyone thanks to all the hardship she had to endure.

And, I dont know if you noticed that little moment between Sansa and Tyrion while hiding from the White Walkers on the 3rd episode. But, technically the two are still married.

So, if Daenerys doesnt kill Tyrion for treason or, if she dies in the hand of Arya, Sansa and Tyrion are the perfect fit to rule the seven kingdoms together.

The Faith of Everyone else.

GOT final predictions

Ive been watching the show for as long as its on so I know I cant expect a happy ending.

However, its also not likely to give every character a bittersweet ending, right?

Since Ive already talked about the possibility of Sansa and Tyrion ruling as king and queen, let’s not go there.

As for the King in the North, Jon Snow, we all know how much he hates politics and power. Yet, people keep handing him power.

If Sansa takes the throne, he is finally free. So what he can do is live a simple life. He could follow the Free Folks to the North, reunite with Ghost ( everyone basically hates Jon for abandoning Ghost without a proper farewell) and live a commoners life.

Arya might as well sail to the west in search of a New World like she said in Season 6.

Bran would be Bran and just roam around wragging into people and ravens and live forever being the Three-eyed Raven.

Brienne could be the Queensguard and serve Sansa Stark while Podrick can be her second in command.

Gendry might not have gotten the girl of his dream but he still is the Lord of Storms End thanks to Daenerys.

Ser Davos could be either the hand of the King/Queen or he could choose to live a simple life away from all the drama.

Grey Worm could sail to Missandeis homeland and live his life keeping Missandeis memories alive.

As for Sam and Gilly, could ask the ruler to dismiss him of his vow to serve the Nights Watch.

He could go back to his home and become the Lord of Horn Hill and marry Gilly.

Samwell Tarly is telling the story of Game of Thrones.

GOT final predictions

The final convincing theory is that Samwell Tarly might as well be telling the whole story of the events of Game of Thrones.

When he goes back home, he finally achieves academic notoriety as he writes a book about all the great and terrible days everyone lived before and during the War. And he gives it the title A Game of Thrones.

Another convincing thing is that George R.R. Martin himself admitted during the 2014 Comic-con that he and Sam have more things in common.

John Bradley, who plays Sam in the show also admitted in wanting to believe in the possibility.

So, as the end is nearing, we as fans and someone that doesnt know the ending, all we can do is predict it. And hope the final episode of the whole series doesnt disappoint as much as the previous ones did.

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