How to Buy Spotify Premium in Nepal?

Mar 18 2021 By Priya
How to buy Spotify Premium
How to buy Spotify Premium

Not too long ago, people living in Nepal had to ask (basically beg) their friends or relatives living abroad for a Spotify account. And even when they did get a hand on one, the app wouldn’t work unless you have a VPN on. But now that Spotify has officially launched in Nepal, with premium function, people can easily buy it or even use a free plan.

However, there is still one major crisis when it comes to using Spotify in Nepal, the payment option. 

Spotify recently extended its service in 80+ countries with 23+ language options. But one thing it forgot was that international payment isn’t an easy option in many countries. Especially in Nepal, an international payment option still doesn’t exist. So, even if people in Nepal do get to buy Spotify premium, they still need to rely on their expatriate relatives or friend.

Today, let’s discuss how you can buy a Spotify premium account in Nepal.

Through Your Friends or Relatives Living Abroad.


Yes, I know this is something we all know and have been doing for a long time. But since we’re discussing the topic, why not share it all?

The best way to buy a Spotify premium account in Nepal is by not spending a single note of your money. Honestly, what is the purpose of having friends or family members living overseas if they can’t do you a simple favor of buying a Spotify membership right?

So, to get rid of the hassle of going through a fairly difficult payment system, ask someone living abroad to get one for you.

Through Third-Party Service Providers.

Nevertheless, we do understand that asking someone you haven’t talked to in years to buy a Spotify Premium account is awkward. And you can’t be 100% sure if they’d do it for you. 

So, instead of asking someone living overseas, you can rely on third-party service providers in Nepal. 

A month of Spotify Premium plan costs USD 2.99 which is NR 347. However, most Nepali don’t have a Paypal account or credit cards that work internationally. And Spotify doesn’t accept payments from debit or credit cards from local Nepali banks or digital wallets. But third party service providers can help you with the legal payment gateway issue.

Companies like Premium Nepal, Spotify Nepal, Stream Stop, Stop Grab, and Sasto Subscription let you buy Spotify Premium accounts in Nepal. You can easily pay with your digital wallets like eSewa, Khalti, IME, etc., instead of Paypal, credit cards, or cash. Hence, you can enjoy better quality, ad-free music all month long on Spotify Premium without any hassle.

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