Spotify Launches in Nepal and 80+ Countries Officially

Spotify Launches in Nepal
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The wait is finally over for music enthusiasts as Spotify officially launches in Nepal along with 80+ countries. After fourteen years of successful business, Spotify announced last month that it’s expanding to 80+ new markets. Thus, the world’s largest music streaming service is now available in 170+ countries worldwide.

The announcement came as a commitment from Spotify to “build a truly borderless audio ecosystem”. In an attempt to connect the listeners, creators, and content worldwide, Spotify is now available in 36 more languages. It makes the streaming platform accessible in 62 languages worldwide.

Is Spotify Officially Available in Nepal and Other Asian Countries?

Spotify Adds New Market and Languages
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Previously, countries like Nepal didn’t have access to Spotify’s both free and premium plans. So, to access it, people usually used VPN services. But, thanks to Spotify’s plan of building a borderless audio ecosystem, the streaming service is now available in Nepal as well as most Asian, European, and African countries.

However, since the music streaming service is fairly new to these areas, several issues might occur, for both listeners and artists. And also, what does it mean for the creators, listeners, and the entire music scenario in Nepal and other countries? From how to download Spotify on different devices to how to distribute music, one must know all the details. So, we’re here to help.

How to Download Spotify in Nepal?

Downloading Spotify isn’t rocket science and it is as easy as downloading any other app. However, you might be confused if your particular device supports the app, which is completely valid. And for your convenience, Spotify is available for both Android and Apple (iOS) devices as well as desktop web players. And soon the app will also work on TVs, speakers, Wearables, etc.

But Spotify has two versions; free and premium versions. With the free plan, you can listen to your favorite music, however, there’s a catch. The free version comes with ad breaks, limited skips (6/hour) shuffle play, and only online streaming. Whereas with Spotify Premium, you can listen to any music on high quality with no ad breaks. Similarly, the premium version also has unlimited skip and offline options. You can buy Spotify Premium in Nepal for USD 2.99 per month.

How to Pay for Spotify Premium?


Downloading Spotify might not be a hassle, but, buying a premium plan is. For people living in Nepal, it is especially difficult as Spotify doesn’t accept payment from debit cards from local banks or digital wallets. You need to have a Paypal account or credit cards that you can use outside of your country.

However, this is where the third-party services come into action. In Nepal, companies like Premium Nepal and Medha Entertainment help provide you with authentic Spotify Premium access and solve your international payment gateway issues.

How to Distribute Music on Spotify?

Spotify isn’t just for the listeners when it is a music streaming platform. There are millions of songs and podcasts readily available to listen to. But, none of it would be accessible without artists and creators. And if you are an artist you can distribute your music on Spotify, however, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

You can only distribute your music to Spotify via a record label you’re associated with. Or a music distributor can help deliver it. However, getting your music on Spotify is particularly tricky if you’re an independent artist with no connections.

So, the best thing you can do is arrange a music distributor that can assist you. However, the condition of music in countries like Nepal isn’t as big as in the rest of the world. While the music scenario is getting better, it still has a long way to go. Spotify might help uplift the music scene and introduce its local music to the world. But with the absence of record labels, it is quite difficult for Nepali artists to distribute their music despite a good platform.

Be that as it may, music distributing platforms like Medha Entertainment provide global music distribution along with other added benefits. The company is exclusively partnered with the distribution network of Sony Music Entertainment/The Orchard which represents some of the biggest names in the industry.

Distribute Your Music with Medha Entertainment.

Distribute Your Music With Medha Entertainment
Medha Entertainment

With Medha Entertainment, you can easily distribute your music to Spotify as well as any other music streaming platforms. Apart from global music distribution, the company also provides services like artist management, promotion, and label services.

The Sony Music affiliated company will not only put you and your music out on the map but also help you earn from your music. Medha Entertainment provides you with your rightful royalties from your music straight to your bank account/digital wallet. So, artists and listeners can now fully depend on Medha Entertainment’s services without hassle.

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