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Google Search Finally Gets A Dark Theme

Google Search is Finally Getting Dark Theme

Google is implementing dark mode on the desktop for search. The change was spotted back in December 2020. However, now it is rolling out to all users. 

Google is pushing the update and will all users in the next few weeks. It also made the announcement in a blog post about the new dark theme.

The process to Check Dark Theme:

The user can go into setting, search setting, appearance, and select dark. Also, there is a device default option that will update the theme automatically. According to the report of 9to5 Google, some users spot a sun icon to off without going to the setting page. 

However, it is not clear whether it is an official update part of just another test. The new ‘Apperence’ setting facilitates users with three options light theme, device default, and dark theme. 


On most devices, the default setting is to display black text on white background. The screen will display white text on a dark background when you set your device to dark mode. It is intended to reduce exposure to blue light and help the eye strain that comes with prolonged screen time. 

Although there is no evidence that suggests the feature of dark mode. However, to understand its benefits on our health consider the way blue light affects your eyes. As waves of blue light emitted from the screen, it comes primarily from the sun, scatter into our atmosphere, and color our sky blue.

Compare to any other color, these waves have more energy. As to understand the side effect of blue light exposure from the screen, imagine the reason to confuse your eyes. Also, a dark screen helps the user to fall asleep more quickly and stay awake for a long time. 

Google in its Blog Post:

According to Google, the search page include the home page, search result, and search setting, among others. Whenever users sign in with their account, a dark grey background will appear on the desktop. Furthermore, it has to acknowledge user requests for the feature. 

In the coming weeks, the Search dark theme will fully be available. As the feature is also being tested to mobile that is yet to be rolled out. 

Option to Search Darkly Before:

You had an option to search darkly before. Using alternative search engines of browser plugins, you could turn on dark. Including the Google Search app, Android and IOs you can access dark mode for now. 

However, Google is officially making this setting available. It would be much easier for the one who doesn’t bother to install an extension or switch search providers. Additionally, it will alleviate the experience of logging into a new device, searching for something, and the only blast with the lights of a thousand sun. 

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