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More Pro Than Before, iPhone Unveils iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max:

If you’re an Apple fan, you know by now that September is the month of the new Apple product release. This year as well, the company has tons of brand new gadgets ready for its users. However, people still have a love-hate relationship with Apple’s iPhone. Despite the new iPhone 13 launch, we’re yet to see what Apple is set to deliver this year.

Apple promises (as always) its best-ever camera with the new iPhone 13. It has the most advanced pro camera system. It has a Super Retina XDR display, A15 Bionic, a massive leap in battery life, an advanced 5G experience, the fastest cheap in a smartphone, and many more. 

About iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max:

Apple Insider

Pushing the boundaries of possible features in a smartphone, Apple introduces iPhone 13 pro and Pro Max. Apple has redesigned the inside and out models wither a faster and responsive experience. The camera of the new model is advance with new Ultra, Wide, and Telephoto cameras. 

Furthermore, the new iPhone camera enables impressive technologies and has the capacity to click the best picture than old models. Also, it includes 5G with more brands for big improvement to battery life, storage capacity, Ceramic Shield front cover, and so on.

Featuring IOS 15:

IOS 15 enhances with the new ways to stay connected, and powerful features for user focus. It aims to do and explore more with on-device intelligence. Furthermore, FaceTime updates with more natural and spatial audio and portrait mode. 

It also facilitates users to reduce distraction, allows users to take action, uses Live Text on-device intelligence to recognize text in photos and notifications has been redesigned. The map brings new ways to explore and navigate the world. As it includes a three-dimensional city-driving experience and walking directions. 

It displays weather with full-screen maps and more graphical display dates. Additionally, for the home keys, Wallet adds support. The privacy controls options including Mail, Siri, and other places across the system protect user’s information.

iPhone and Environment:

India Today

The new iPhone 13 and Pro Max are designed to minimize the environmental impact. It uses 100 percent recycle elements of the earth in magnet. The magnets are uses in MagSafe, 100% recycle tin in the main logic board, and solder of the battery magnet for the first time. 

Furthermore, the new models introduce 100% recycled gold on the plating of the main logic board. Also, in the front camera wire and rear cameras. The outer plastic wrap contains redesign packaging eliminates. It helps Apple to bring closer to the goal of removing plastic from the packaging by 2025.


The new iPhone models will be available in gold, silver, graphite, and sierra blue. It has storage options of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and new 1 TB. On Friday, September 17, at 5 a.m, customers of 30 countries including Canada, China, Germany, and so on, will be able to pre-order the new models.

In the beginning, it will be available in Turkey and Malaysia, Mexico, South Korea, and nearly 10 other countries. Moreover, In the store and online, Apple provides a number of services to their customers. As it personalizes with support and advice from Apple Specialist, pick-up options, special ways to save with offers, great trad-in values, and so on. 


iPhone 13 pro and Pro Max are available through Apple Authorized Resellers. The Customers in the US can get ready for new iPhone pre-orders by visiting apple stores or apple store apps until 9 p.m PDT on Thursday, September 16. Before trade-in for 12 months, customers can get iPhone 13 Pro for $41.62 a month and Pro Max for $45.79 a month.

Customers can either choose to pay monthly or in full and trade-in credit towards a new product or update through the program. Furthermore, they can save up to $1,000 if they trade directly from the Apple store online or at an Apple store. As they activate it with select US carriers. 

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