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Adidas Light-powered Headphone To Arrive By 2022

Adidas light-powered headphone RPT-02 SOL coming in 2022

Adidas is globally appreciated for its world-class footwear and sportswear. Being a global powerhouse, it is always striving to integrate advanced technologies into its products. A different product from its niche category may sound off-track. however, Adidas has given rise to outstanding headphones solely designed for fitness activities like their main products. The brand has accepted and integrated advanced technologies to make a mark in the industry. In a similar fashion, Adidas is now working on launching a light-powered headphone.

Adidas partnership with Zound Industries to create a sustainable headphone

For the audio product development project, the leading sportswear brand is working in the Zound industry. The alliance was established three years ago with the goal of creating audio device lineups for training and an active lifestyle.

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In a conversation with Digital Trend, Gustaff Rosell, Chief Product and Innovation Officer at Zound Industries, said “Adidas has some serious sustainability goals.” He further added the sustainable efforts can be clearly visualized on the manufacturing of the headphones. The headphone consists of a high proportion of recycled materials. This includes plastic parts recycled from air conditioners, headlights, and bottles. A dedicated supply chain is at a place for collection and recycling purposes.  Similarly, the headphones are equally environmentally friendly after their use. Simplified variation of materials and minimized electronic chips contribute to fewer impacts on nature. In addition, the solar charging feature is commendable in terms of using less electricity.

The ethics of the project goes beyond covering the packaging as well. From hangers to package boxes, the developers assured they will be using recycled papers with the aim of making it plastic-free at maximum.

Adidas RPT-02 SOL Features

Well, solar charging is not always as good as advertised. However, Rossell boasts solar cells embedded in RPT-02 SOL headphone performs well even under low-light conditions. Undoubtedly, direct sunlight is the most effective one. Still, you will be able to use the RPT headphone under normal light inside the house or gyms. The Type-C charging option is also available for dark setups like long-hour overnight flights. Nevertheless, the 80 hours of‘ eternal playtime’ may be enough for almost any situation. The power reserve relies on Powerfoyle, a solar charging technology created by Exeger. Another popular light-powered headphone by Urbanista Los Angeles adopted the same technology.

The headphone has light-based adaptive charging. It will charge at a higher rate under intense sunlight outside the homes. There will be indicators on the headphone along with the applications that will notify about these facts.

With this feature, the company hopes to push the people out of their homes for exercise where the charging will be excellent.

When asked about the noise cancellation mechanism, Russell said the on-ear design will not allow active noise cancellation. However, there might be modifications regarding that in the coming years.

A lot of thought has also gone to enhance the durability of these headphones under extreme training environments.  Being a training gear, we can expect to see a water-resistance feature accompanied by removable washable parts like in RPT-01.


Russell admitted the price can be anywhere from $199 – $229. However, it is not the final price and may be slightly different at the launch time.

A great initiative to minimize plastic-waste

The flagship headphone from Adidas has yet one more year to hit the market. Nonetheless, it has already created a buzz among tech fans and sports enthusiasts.  The company intends to neutralize plastic waste where the headphones come as a symbolic step towards that direction. Moreover, the sustainability efforts are exemplary for the global companies who need to be conscious about their environmental footprints.

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