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Are You A Cat Lover? Here Are 8 Best Hypoallergenic Cats Breed

Hypoallergenic Cats Breed

Cats are the most adorable pet in the entire world. Well, if you believe then, cats were domesticated around 4000 years ago. The first cat to be domesticated was an African wild cat whose starting point is Egypt.

Well, you may not know but cats are the god of Egypt, by their ancestors. Further, they still worship cats and sees them as a genuine form of god. However, being a god won’t stop you to get allergic to them. Yes, many peoples are highly allergic to cats.

Types of Hypoallergenic Cats
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A study found that you are likely to be allergic to cats twice more than dogs. Mainly, people think as the allergy is due to the hair itself. But you might be slightly misled by this concept. Believe it or not, it isn’t just the fur to which most people allegedly are allergic, but proteins that are secreted and present in the saliva of the animal.

Well, some breeds also are hypoallergenic. So, if you want to know about it, then stick us till the end.

1. Devon Rex Cats

Devon Rex is a smart, long-eared, short-haired cat that was first found in England at the end of the 1950s. Additionally, their slender bodies, wavy robe and large ears are the properties of them. Further, this cat is able to learn hard tricks but can hardly be motivated by you.

Devon Rex Cats
Devon Rex Cats
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As above mentioned above, they have short fur and yes, less fur too.  Further, due to there short and less hair, they can be hypoallergenic to people who fear and has an allergy. So, devon rex can be the option for your pet.

2. Bengal

Tell me, who doesn’t like the print of Bengal? I mean like anyone can drool over it. Further, this is a cross cat that is done between the Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat. They have a beautiful print in the body. Also, it has fine fur in their body and they do not have allergic saliva.

One of the hypoallergenic cat, Bengal
One of the hypoallergenic cat, Bengal
Source: FluffyPlanet

As they have less but fine hair and low allergic saliva, they do not shed much of them. So, be carefree and get Bengal cat to pet.

3. Burmese

Burmese is the breed you’re exactly looking for. It is said that they re just like dogs in case of affection. Further, they give and take affection in a lovable manner.

Source: Petfinder

According to PetMD, who advises that the Burmese cat is “highly people-oriented” in cases of allergy sufferers who is looking for hypoallergic animals.

4. Balinese

Charming and good looking cat is none other than Balinese. Matter of fact, the high concentration of Fel d 1 protein in saliva generally causes allergy to people.

Balinese Cat
Balinese Cat
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Additionally, this breed of cat excretes Fel d 1 protein in a low amount so it is fit for the pet. Moreover, they have fluffy hair that can soothe your soul.

5. Oriental

Oriental is the charming and cute kitty of all the time. Further, they are also considered as less allergic to humans. Also, they get along with dogs too.

Oriental Cat Breed
Oriental Cat Breed
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I mean, whats else do you need to adopt this breed of cat? Oriental is an outgoing, happy, and refreshing kind of breed that can freshen up your mood.

6. Sphynx

Sphynx cat has a unique feature, it is hairless or furless. Yes, you read it right. Further, due to this, it doesn’t shed any hair.

Sphynx cats can be a good option for pet
Sphynx Cats can be a good option for pet
Source: TurboSquid

If you’re allergic to cats and also a cat lover, then you must go for this. Moreover, you may not worry about the saliva and entrapment of fur.

7. Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is a cat that ranges in colors, from light silver to darker gray slate. For more than a century their thin, thick coat was the symbol of the Russian people. Due to which it is named Russian blue.

Russian Blue
Russian Blue
Source: chinadaily

Further, due to their fur, the allergens get trapped in their skin. In addition, it won’t scatter around you, so you are safe. And, it can be one of the best options to adopt.

8. Siberian

Siberian Cat
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This big, strong cat breed is not one that you would find hypoallergenic with its bushy coat and extra fluffy tail. Although an uncommon breed, their inability to irritate dander, their affectionate and smart nature are gaining popularity. So, you must consider adopting this.


Well, reading about those hypoallergenic breeds of cats, people who have allergies can be carefree and adopt any one of these breeds. You’re a cat lover? Then go for it and enjoy your pet time.