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Why Dogs Are Better Than Human? 8 Reasons For Their Awesomeness

dogs are better than people

We can track the friendship between dogs and humans thousands of years back. There are so many people who believe that dogs are better to have than human friends. Dog’s are believed to be a man’s best friend and I would totally agree to it.

dogs are better than people
dogs are always happy

Most of the people like domesticated pets and animals. But no other animal has been able to make such an impact as a doggie. There are so many appreciation posts about dogs and the bond between a man and his dog. But it’s not only talking, but there are also certain reasons why dogs are better than humans and they are:

1. Dogs are better than people because they are always happy:

If you have ever had a dog as your pet, you know how cheerful they are. Unless you cause them pain or something, dogs will always be happy to see you. You can do the simple thing and they will act like that’s the best thing that has happened in their lives. Dogs are the best friend a man can have. They are the most cheerful animal on earth.

2. Dogs mature faster:

Another good thing about a dog is that they mature way faster than humans.

Dogs mature faster than humans

Within 2 years, your dog will grow the full size and mature. Not to forget their sense of smell and sounds are so much better than people.

3. Unlike people dogs actually care:

Humans can manipulate and make you feel like they care when they clearly don’t. But dogs don’t have the ability to do this. Hence, whatever they do is because they actually feel it on the inside. So if you have a dog as your best friend, you won’t have to worry about them being a fake friend.

dogs are man's best friend
Dogs care about your happiness

All dogs expect from you is food. If that is taken care of, they will love you unconditionally. So dogs are much better than people who are very sensitive when it comes to their emotions.

4. They have short term memories so no grudges:

How many times have one of your friends got angry at you for doing or not doing something? If you have a dog, you know you can never worry about them staying upset from you. You can leave them alone for hours and not have to worry about being accused of not making time out.

Dogs don’t hold grudges against you

Even if you scold them once in a while, they will forget it within no time and love you the same way again. So if you want a peaceful life, getting a dog can be so much better than a human friend.

5. They protect you:

Due to their heightened sense of smell and sound, dogs can detect danger, which is the reason why people started keeping dogs as their pets in the first place. So when you are in some kind of trouble, dogs can help you to getaway.

6. Dogs are better than people because they are the best therapists:

Ever had an emotional breakdown and you have no one to listen to you? Don’t ever worry about that happening if you have a dog. And the best part about it that they will just listen and not say anything back. Rather than getting crappy feedbacks, sometimes all we need is someone to listen.

Dogs will listen to your pain

Dogs are a man’s best friend to have when you are feeling lonely or angry. They will give you a sense of comfort. Since they have the ability to mimic our emotions, they will know when you’re sad and simply be there for you.

7. Dogs are extremely low maintenance:

Since we are constantly trying to own as few things as possible, dogs are the best pet to own. All they need is food. Additionally, you can consider washing them regularly and keep them warm in the winter.

Dogs don’t need too many things

They will be happy with the simplest things. Unlike people who need constant attention.

8. Boost of confidence:

Dogs have the ability to empathize and love you unconditionally, they can be such a boost to your confidence. When you are happy most of the time, it is also more likely that you will have better self-esteem. So, unlike any other human friend, a dog can help you be confident.

dogs are man's best friend
Cool dogs

There are so many perks of being around dogs rather than humans. Maybe why more and more people are opting for dogs instead of having a baby. Apart from the fact that dogs went to space before us, dogs have so many other traits that make them a superhero. Additionally, dogs have a classy name that suits their personality.