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7 Easy To Read English Books For Beginners

It’s never too late to start something new and better. Simple and easy books are the key to gradually improving your habit of learning.

Whether you’re trying to develop a new habit or simply learn english as your second language, reading surely does help.

Diving into complicated and long books might actually reduce the chances of you completing the book.

Therefore, starting off with these easy to read books, could boost your speed and morale.


Harry Potter SeriesJK Rowling

English, Harry Potter collection book

This might seem elementary for native english speakers. But Harry Potter is in fact one of the easiest english books to read. Hence, a reason to start reading it now!

The fantasy novel is the best way hook yourself to read more in the long run.

Within no time, the world of wizards and magic will trap you into the wonderful world of imagination.

The series has 7 serial books.

So, get your copies soon or just download it from the internet.


The Spy- Paulo Coelho

English book

For anyone looking to get into the depths of life and survival during the World War I, this is an interesting book.

It is an autobiography of Margaretha Zelle aka Mata Hari. The story is written the form of letter between she and her lawyer.

Paulo Coelho wrote the book from the perspective of Mata Hari. He tried to depict the story of an innocent girl who ends up as a spy in turmoil of the war.

The book captivates the minds of the readers. With his way of writing, Paulo makes it one of the easiest novels to read.


The Fault in Our Stars- John Green

The fault in our stars- english book

The fault in our stars is easily one of the the best-tragic love stories.

If you’re someone who likes getting lost in the world of romantic story telling, this might just be it for you.

The author narrates the story through Hazel Lancaster Grace. Her struggles through cancer and the tragic love story with Augustus Waters will leave an imprint on the readers.

Therefore, it’s my suggestion that you find the copy of the book before watching the movie.

*Spoilers: The books is easy to read and might as well leave you in tears by the end.


Catcher in the Rye- JD Salinger

Catcher in the Rye cover

Although this book was published during the 1950’s, this work of JD Salinger is timeless.

Furthermore, the book is easy to read and is also very relatable.

The 277 paged book portrays a two day chaos in the life of  Holden Caulfield. The story is mainly for adults and adolescents.

The satirical writing of Salinger intrigues the reader and keeps them hooked.

Without doubt, this book is perfect for developing a reading habit.


To Kill a Mockingbird- Harper Lee

Harper lee

For native english speakers, this book is facile. However, this could be a bit on the advanced side for beginners.

Nonetheless, there’s no reason to not give it a try.

The book deals with the issues of racial inequalities and injustice prevalent of the twentieth century USA.

It is the best classic and most widely read english book America.

Give it a shot, might just be something you need to read right now.


The Old Man and The Sea- Ernest Hemingway

the old man and the sea book cover

This book tells the story of a fisherman in Cuba and his struggles with a giant marlin far in the gulf stream.

It opens up the reader’s mind into the courage and strength the old man shows during his battle at the sea.

This 127 paged book was one of the reasons Hemingway was awarded with Nobel prize in Literature on 1994. Not only is this book short but it’s easy to read as well.

Therefore, this short book might just be one that changes your life too.


The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes- Arthur Conan Doyle

sherlock holmes book cover

Anyone that loves detective stories should love this book.

This book features 12 different stories with the protagonist Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson.

In his stories, Doyle has written all but four stories as a first person narrative of Dr. Watson.

These stories show the injustice and betrayal in the 19th century United Kingdom. Through his lead character, Sherlock Holmes, Doyle has tried to identify and try to correct these issues.

These 12 adventure stories are easy to read and as well as fun and interesting.

Lastly, most of these books already have movies based on them and some might have in the future.

However, I hope you read them first. These 7 easy to read books will definitely help you start your journey to english literature.