How To Stay Warm When Hunting in the Winter

How To Stay Warm When Hunting in the Winter
When it’s cold enough that you can see your breath, it’s time to check out these tips for staying warm when hunting in the winter. Read here to learn more!

A little snow on the ground is nothing to a true hunter—nothing but a challenge. There’s something special about looking nature in the eyes and saying, “I’m not scared of you. Give me all you’ve got.” Of course, machismo can’t protect you from frostbite. That’s why you should check out this article on staying warm when hunting in the winter.

Protect Your Digits

You’ve probably heard the old adage that you lose 80 percent of your body heat through your head. While that saying was based on science, it was based on science from the 1950s and has since been disproven. In actuality, the truth is that you lose only around 10 percent of your body heat through your head.

Instead, it’s more important to keep your fingers and toes warm since your body will naturally constrict blood vessels in your extremities to keep your vital organs toasty. Keep your feet dry and wear mittens with flip-open capabilities to keep your fingers easily accessible.

What To Do When Stationary

Sitting on cold wood is a good way to lose body heat through your rear end. Instead, use a foam pad when seated to retain body heat. In addition, stay limber by stretching more frequently than every 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes of sitting is enough to slow your body’s metabolism and blood flow, making things awfully chilly.

Avoid Sweat Wherever Possible

When it’s cold, sweat is a killer. Sweat cools you down—it can cause you to lose over half your body heat! One of the best ways to keep sweat at bay is to avoid bundling up for the first part of your journey. When you’re trekking through the woods, dress more lightly. Wait until you reach your destination to add more layers.

In addition, keep the amount of work you need to do to a minimum when processing your kills and work with a high-quality fillet knife.

Now that you know how to stay warm when hunting in the winter, bundle up (but not too much). Keep control of all your digits while staying nice and toasty so that you’re ready when your target walks into view.