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Binge Drinking: Reasons to Overcome It and How To Do It

When we plan for a weekend get out, we always plan for drinks.

Now more than ever before, we associate alcohol with fun.

However, before you plan your next weekend party, understand these traits of binge drinkers.

This might help you to avoid ending up as one. There are symptoms of binge drinking.

You can check these effects of binge drinking. Knowing this, you can avoid such binge drinking by college students.


Traits of Binge Drinkers

binge drinking

Technically, as per CDC, binge drinking is when alcohol content in your body elevates 0.08%.

For men it is 5 or more drinks within 2 hours. However, for women it is 4 or more drinks.

If you are drinking at this level, you are binge drinking. The symptoms of binge drinking are subtle but shouldn’t be avoided.

Most of these times these symptoms are overlooked because binge drinkers act fine when sober.

They are often successful people hiding in plain sight. Since, they don’t drink alcohol every day it might look normal.

But if this behaviour escalates, it might be uncontrollable. It might transform into heavy drinking.

At parties that it seems so familiar because we have normalized it.

Unlike drinking daily, binge drinking seems better. Nevertheless, binging on alcohol is not safe and are as harmful as chronic heavy drinking.

Binge drinking disorder

Hence, the symptoms and attributes of binge drinkers are as below:

  • Drinking more than 4 drinks a day.
  • Drinks more alcohol than intended.
  • Forsaking other work to drink.
  • Blacking out every time you drink.
  • Frequent alcohol poisoning.
  • Guilt and regret after drinking.
  • Complains by peers and friends.
  • Extreme Hangovers.
  • Patterned Drinking.

If you think you do any or most of these things, you are most likely a binge drinker.


Types of Binge Drinkers

drinking alcohol

There are so many personality traits associated with this type of drinking. For instance as per the UK Department of health  there are 9 types:

  • De-stress
  • Depressed
  • Community
  • Rebonding
  • Conformist
  • Boredom
  • Border
  • Macho
  • Hedonistic

No matter what type of binge drinker you are, the health hazards are the same.

This problem is large and there should be steps taken to eliminate it.

One in 6 US citizens binge drink alcohol every month. So, it’s also important to make people aware of the binge drinking disorder.


College Students

College student binge drinking

The rate of college students ending up as a victim of binge drinking is only increasing.

Due to the party culture, drinking in colleges and universities is glorified. Some of these students are drinking only to fit in.

And some are drinking due to deeper causes.

Altogether the causes might be as follows:

  • Peer Pressure and trying to fit in.
  • Stress and Anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Trauma.
  • Superiority and Dominance.
  • Pleasure and Entertainment.

Whatever is the cause of such activities, it needs to be controlled.

There are so many side effects of this type of drinking that it needs to be stopped as soon as noticed.


Effects/ Risks of Binge Drinking

Effects of binge drinking

There are short term as well as long term effects of binging on alcohol. Such as:

  • Physical Problems
  • Legal Issues
  • Economic/Financial Problems
  • Risky Sexual Behaviours
  • Accidents
  • Violence
  • Forgetfulness
  • Health hazards and diet issues

These are only the visible effects of drinking at large.


Breaking the Cycle

Hopefully, with this information you have understood the importance of stopping this kind of habit. So, what exactly can one do to minimize it or stop it?

Here are some ways in which you can treat these signs:

  • First and foremost you need to examine your drinking patterns:

Before you try and bust the problem, first understand the intensity. Try to analyse if you have to ask others to get involved or not.

  • If your symptoms are mild and controllable on your own:

You should take some steps. Commonly, you can start by weighing the pros and cons of binge drinking. Develop a plan afterwards for dealing with the problem.

If you feel like, involve you friends and family. Ask them to look out after your behaviour. You can also connect to people who have overcome such problem.

Girl walking on a beach

  • Also,change your environment and redesign your life:

Sometimes, breaking the cycle can help reduce your urge. Try replacing off binge drinking with some other fun activities.

  • Release stress through meditation.
  • Consider Abstinence if required.

Lastly, try to find other healthier alternatives.

However, if your symptoms are very strong ask for professional help if required.You can also take the help of medications.