Tiktok: The School We Never Had?

Tiktok: The School We Never Had?

Even if you try to curb the urge, TikTok will change your mind and drag you back in.

Originally, TikTok is a video-sharing app that lets you make and share short videos with or without music playing in the background. It has been around for a long time and has managed to attract a sizable following. People have begun to get more invested in TikTok in recent times, signaling that the app has a ton of potential.

But the most interesting aspect is that TikTok encourages them to create material that they would not be capable of creating as readily otherwise. It’s similar to how Instagram manages filters and other editing tools.

TikTok, is it time to start all over?

Looking back on our school days, we all had a great teacher who left an indelible impression on us. In addition, the best group of folks made our school experience unforgettable. However, the important question remains: did we learn anything useful?

Such topics like reaching our full potential and confronting our inner demons are not addressed in school since many people feel they can learn it at home. This isn’t something we’re taught very often, though. Oh wait, or are we now?

TikTok has evolved from a platform for viral dances to a place where we can constantly learn new things. Whether you’re a recent graduate or still in school, TikTok has you covered when it comes to aspects of life that aren’t always well-focused but must be!

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Hey, How About a Quick Survey?

I’m no surveyor, but hey I do have some friends that can help me out when I need it, okay?

My best friend rubbed garlic on her fingers before picking up the yolk and separating it from the whites. She boasted that she had learned a life hack from the “show me a life hack that you discovered by chance one-day” stitches. Isn’t it shocking?

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Likewise, one of my college friends found TikTok to be very user-friendly. It became an excuse for learning new things in the name of fun. She claimed to have used the app to urge the children she babysits to behave while they were studying.

“Girl, playing ABCD TikToks was a lot of fun.”

On a more serious note!

I realized that TikTok has taught me more about needed social skills than my education ever did. I learned new skills, whether it was how to ace job interviews or how important it is to be conscious of negativity in one’s life.

As a result of TikTok’s success, knowledge sharing has become an important part of the offerings of this leisure short video-sharing app. It has made a name for itself as a haven for young people like us. We are motivated to take action. We comprehend the task, and how we accomplish it is solely up to us; there is no obligation that we do so in a certain manner.

Without a doubt, TikTok has enabled me, and I believe many others, to feel at ease in our own skin. It has instilled in us an optimistic future attitude that was lacking at our school. They focused more on things that now seem rarely useful. I’m happy TikTok and I crossed paths.

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