Bijaya Tripathi

Children are an excellent resource for taking lessons.

Creativity Lessons From Children

The act of creating goes beyond just the creation of a completed product. Barron and Harrington (1981) define creativity as the result of a collaborative process between individuals that produce original. It is a high-quality and genuinely significant product. Creative work may take the...

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What Leads People To Have Such A Vast Lot Of Unpaired Socks?

Having a couple of more pairs of unpaired socks is nothing out of the ordinary for working people like us. Sometimes we just forget where we put them, and that’s the end of that story. But what leads to this phenomenon? Could there be a scientific reason for the socks of the...

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dealing with social anxiety isn't always effortless.

When it comes to being sociable with others, many people feel nervous and afraid. And this isn’t simply shyness; there’s a lot more to it. For example, social anxiety disorder (also social phobia) is known as a mental health problem that...

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Such much as people romanticize the connection between two people (friendship) it can get a bit toxic at times.

Friendship is a tie of fondness that might also imply that you are familiar with someone’s thoughts. It is a richer type of emotional bond in which individuals have a constant level of love, respect, closeness, and loyalty.  Such much as...

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Psychopaths are typically cold, vicious, and soulless beings, as we all perceive. Psychopathy, in a similar vein, is described by several behavioral traits. Including deceitful charm, a lack of shame or remorse, impatience, poor self-control, and...

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Homeschooling is gaining popularity around the world. Rather than sending their children to a traditional secular school, the parents educate them at their home itself. For a variety of reasons, parents choose to homeschool their children. Among...

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The Seven Deadly Sins Of Modern Society

The seven deadly sins, or the seven capital sins in Roman Catholic theology, are well-known among the general public. The given seven-character flaws lead to more serious sins and unethical activity. It is like a penchant toward evil and separation...

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