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Here is Why You Should Be Happy on Being Single

Are you single? Here is why you should be happy about it.
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I wonder why people look down upon single people. People assume that being single means the person is unappealing, unsociable, doesn’t know how to love, or immature. Yet, the reality could differ so much from what people think.

Much like being in a relationship, staying single is also a choice. It teaches us values that we can’t learn being in a relationship. Being able to be comfortable with your solitude better prepares you to be self-sufficient and contentful. Before learning how to love ourselves, how will we learn to love others?

Yes, finding love and being able to love someone platonically do add some worth to our plain life. However, staying single is sweet, you will love the phase as you will have a clearer vision of yourself. More importantly, you don’t have to explain to anyone why you slept early that Tuesday night on the 14th of Feb.

Perks of staying single

Here are the perks of staying single and a sign that you should trust the process,

Healthier life

According to a study by the Journal of Marriage and Family, it was found out that divorced people were healthier and fitter than the married people. Moreover, people who have always been single were even more fit and healthier. This is probably because they get more time to take care of themselves.


Are you single? Here is why you should be happy about it.

This is my favorite. If you are a spontaneous person who loves to go here and there then here you go! Single people can go anywhere and any time they like. While being in a relationship you will be much bounded. It’s the time of your life and nobody can snatch your freedom. Hence freedom is something you shouldn’t take granted for.


Exploration doesn’t only mean you will get to meet new people weekly. It also includes knowing yourself better and realizing your personal aspiration. It nurtures personal growth. They get more time to discover their passion, hobbies and develop new skills.

Better with money

It’s for sure that being in a relationship costs you more. Dates, surprises, and gifts are expensive these days. Even a study found out that, single people had only 21% debt while a married couple had almost 30%. Hence singles are better financially.

Single people are more Independent

Are you single? Here is why you should be happy about it.
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Be it emotional or financially, singles are more independent. They know better about themselves and they know what exactly can fix them. Singles don’t have to depend on someone for emotional or financial problems. I think that’s a great superpower.

All this isn’t to claim that being in a relationship is extreme suffering. There are obviously stumbling blocks to both sides, being single and being in a relationship. However, the truth is, it sorely depends on us how we want to find happiness whatever our relationship status is. Being said that, there is no wrong with staying single because I believe that this phase will add greater assets to your life sooner or later. Now the next time you see a couple on vacation, don’t envy but embrace the perks of being single.