Sliver Linings of The Pandemic In Our Lives

Sliver Linings of The Pandemic In Our Lives

The pandemic, which began in 2020, has now spread throughout the world. By forcing individuals to limit themselves to the four walls of their houses, it is actually generating a health concern. To date, the virus has created worry in many South Asian countries.

A Quick Rundown of What’s Going On 

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in both visible and significant loss, as well as many health and social problems that have impeded day-to-day life. Meanwhile, it has framed economic burdens on the public (micro or macro) and issued opportunity crises. The new normal, however, has not yet become customary, even among the well-to-do.

Similarly, many working institutions have contained the freedom of being able to manage the fundamental elementary responsibility. Personal or institutional, in this rampant circumstance as a business and a platform to formally assist the citizens and their own employees. While reviewing the existing situation, we discovered that help for such firms regarding vocational and economic strengthening is of the highest importance. As a result, the ability to manage and operate on one’s own has become an impediment to the initiative and the path of many failing businesses.

Small Figures of Pandemic to Consider

According to the COVID-19 Nepal Business Pulse Survey conducted by the IFC and World Bank in collaboration with the government of Japan between May 25 and June 10, over half of Nepal’s micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) face the risk of permanently closing their operations within a month because of COVID-19 affects.

Many MSMEs have turned to digital forums such as social media or the internet to reach a bigger audience to get business help and chances, as relying on the permit from the current working pattern is doubtful.

We are in such a period; everything we do seems right. At the same time, it seems to us in such a way that we stress about where we went wrong. Nothing appears to be on our side to bite this bullet and call it a day. It makes us wonder, where did it all go wrong? Maybe we will never know.

In the end, you, me, and we have to go through this rough turbulence together. Hand in hand. After the hurricane comes the rainbow. They say something hopeful is waiting for everyone after this difficult chapter of life. Till then, stay fit, stay inside your homes. 

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