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How To Cope With Post-Pandemic Social Anxiety?

How To Cope With Post-Pandemic Social Anxiety?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been traumatizing to say the very least. It has changed the lives of everyone. People have gotten sick and even lost loved ones to the pandemic.

And now the pandemic is coming to an end, people are getting anxious about resuming a “normal” life. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we are avoiding going out. We, as responsible adults, are avoiding large crowds, maintaining social distancing, and following the CDC guidelines. However, as the restrictions are getting loose are starting to feel anxious.

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Experts say that is normal to feel anxious after dealing with the pandemic. They believe that since we have lived a life away from what was considered normal, we have gotten rusty at it. Mental Therapist Leslie J. Adams LCPC, CADC says that long periods of isolation can cause social anxiety in people. This social anxiety not only applies to introverted people. People claiming to be extroverts can also suffer from social anxiety in this post-pandemic world.

So what can we do to cope with the social anxiety post-COVID-19?

Here are some recommendations on coping with social anxiety after the pandemic:

Start small

You do not have to immediately jump into a crowd after all the restrictions come off. Start small to help with your social anxiety. Ease into the society b taking a few small steps in the beginning. 

You can start by going out for a jog or walk, or going out to the supermarket to bring groceries. You can also pair these activities with going to a cafe nearby or getting some food in a restaurant. 

Similarly, you can also try going to your favorite restaurant to eat. Try going somewhere you have always loved. You can also meet friends or family that you haven’t met during the pandemic. By taking these small steps at first, you will get into the groove for getting back to normal. And try to push yourself one small step at a time.

Practice meditation

Meditation has proven to be one of the best ways to soothe yourself when you are feeling anxious. So if you are feeling anxious about going back to work or school, try meditation first.

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You can also try meditative walks. Practice breathing exercises when you are feeling anxious. You can also identify situations that trigger your anxiety and come up with a plan to deal with them. Writing a journal about your trigger and coming up with an eating plan can also be helpful.

Try watching movies or reading books that help you forget about your surroundings. These activities will help calm your nerves.

Seek professional help

Ultimately the best way to treat social anxiety is to seek professional help. Social anxiety and associated illnesses may need the assistance of a therapist.

Systematic cognitive-behavioral treatment has been shown to be quite successful in reducing the fear and phobic behavior that drive these issues. The therapy offered by a professional with experience treating anxiety can be rather brief. Many people get relief after a dozen sessions.

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