Nadia Bartel finally speaks about the reason for her Marriage Breakdown with Jimmy Bartel

For the first time, the fashion blogger, Nadia Bartel has opened up about the split with husband Jimmy Bartel. Additionally, it was in September of last year that media started to focus on the marriage of  Nadia Bartel and former AFL player Jimmy Bartel. Additionally, the topic made the headline when the media noticed the pair unfollowed each other on Instagram. 

The company owner and social media influencer opened up to discuss the split for the first time, talking with Stellar, she said:

This is never what I thought would happen.

Adding to that, she said “every day is tough” which is obvious; because she must be having a tough time, raising two kids as a single mother. Moreover, she also revealed that the current situation was not desirable as she never thought that it would happen.

Revealed about being the victim of online trolling

While Nadia did not comment on the factors leading to the end of their marriage, she acknowledged how complicated online trolling and the Melbourne AFL crowd had made the situation for her.

Talking with stellar, she said:

Being from Melbourne, football is so big here,” she continued. “I was used to the negative attention I get in my situation. I do put things on social media, so I’ve put myself out there.

Bartel also addressed about this constant criticism and negative attention she faced from social media, she said:

I was at the hardest point in my life and then to have articles written that weren’t true, and to have hundreds of hate [comments] on Instagram and the continual pounding… it was difficult.

 Nadia Bartel breaks silence on messy split with Jimmy Bartel
Nadia Bartel breaks silence on messy split with Jimmy Bartel

On the other hand, one of her close friends and fellow football WAG Rebecca Judd told stellar that Nadia has now got better ways to handle such negative criticism. She said:

I think over time she’s learned to block and delete the trolls and focus her energy on the people who matter in her life,” continuing, she said, “She’s resilient and does a great job of getting on with it.

Nadia Bartel priority is to be the best Mum now

Naida, an ambassador of fashion brand Witchery is now focusing her energy on raising sons Aston, four, and Henley, one. Explaining how she wants her children’s childhood to be, she said:

I plan to do everything I can to make that happen for them.

she also added, taking to the magazine, saying

I want my boys to be aware of their feelings. And if they are feeling a certain way, they can show that feeling. They are allowed to cry and allowed to come to me and say what’s happening.

Naida Bartel with her sons
Nadia Bartel with her sons
Source: Instagram

The main priority for her is to be the best mum and role model for her children. Despite facing a lot of difficulties, raising them, she said:

They are amazing and such a gift, and I want them to have a really happy childhood. I plan to do everything I can to make that happen for them.

Reason for the Marital breakdown

Although Nadia Bartel has not revealed the actual reason for the split, one of the couple’s friends revealed that she found out Jimmy cheating her over another girl named, Lauren Mand who is Melbourne-born, UK-based woman.

Jimmy Bartel with his newly found love Lauren Mand
Jimmy Bartel with his newly found love Lauren Mand
Source: Instagram

Naida knew about the connection between Jimmy and Lauren when she discovered text messages on Jimmy’s phone. Speaking with the Herald Sun, responding to the question regarding the reason for separation with Jimmy Bartel, she said:

Although I’m heartbroken, I don’t want to comment specifically on what’s been reported about Jim’s trip to the UK as I don’t think that is in anyone’s interests.

Naida was more sure about Jimmy and Lauren’s relationship when she found them living together after some days and weeks of their split. As of now, Jimmy and his newly found love Lauren is self-isolating, often sharing pictures of eating in bed and playing video games together

Nadia Bartel and Jimmy Bartel first met at the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix

Nadia Bartel and Jimmy Bartel wedding
Nadia Bartel and Jimmy Bartel wedding
Source: Pinterest

On the other hand, talking about how they started their relationship, Jimmy and Nadia first met at the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix. Reportedly, Jimmy proposed Naida in Mexico a year later. Eventually, the pair got married in 2014 at a lavish wedding on the Bellarine Peninsula. In addition, the former couple together shares two sons, Aston, 4, and Henley, 1.

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