Alinity Responds To The Bullier After She Gets Suspension From Twitch For Accidental Nip Slip

alinity Nip Slip

Twitch streamer, Natalia Alinity Divine has found herself at the center of controversy again after accidentally flashing her privates while streaming. As soon as the incident took place, the social media platform, Twitter exploded, as many of her haters called the platform to ban her. In addition, they took no time to bully Alinity, posting screenshot all over the social media, harassing her.

The incident took place on 24th April 2020 while she was stuffing a pillow up her shirt as part of a comedic gag, leading to the accidental nip slip. However, this was not a new controversy for her as she previously was accused of mistreating her cats. For that case, people reported animal protection services; however, she got cleared of any wrongdoing by the SPCA.

What Actually Happened?

Mogollon had stuffed a pillow under her top during her April 24 Twitch broadcast, unfortunately, she inadvertently revealed more than was expected. After accidental flashing in the camera, she was stunned and shocked. In the meantime, she mouthed “Oh My God” and quickly reacted to delete the video.

Alinity Accidental Nip Slip
Alinity Accidental Nip Slip
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Considering her reaction, the scene doesn’t seem like a willful violation of Twitch community guidelines. Moreover, the accident appears to be embarrassing because Alinity was goofing instead of trying to be sexy. This might be the reason why Twitch took so long to make the decision.

Alinity Sarcastically Tweeted After Getting Ban From Twitch

Similar to the haters who took no time to drag her into controversy, Alinity was also quick to respond after getting a suspension. Particularly, she took the help of her Twitter account, tweeting sarcastically with her own GIF.

She wrote:

I’m getting a suspension YES! Our hard work finally paid off good job guys

Before Twitch took action, Alinity already has given herself a three-day ban from the platform. Responding to all the haters who were all moaning for her ban, she tweeted writing:

Hey so regardless of whatever Twitch decides to do, I’m gonna give myself a 3-day suspension from the platform. I think it is fair. Have yourselves a nice day!

Similarly, she went further and criticized those who said she was meant to be banned.

She wrote in her twitter account, “Yo, if you guys don’t like how Twitch handles bans take it with them. How are their inconsistencies my fault?

She went on to say she was already suspended before and she also mocked people making fun of her nipple color.

Okay not to give more fire on the flame or however the f**k you said that,” she continued saying, “But I got one more thing to say. you guys knew I was latina, you expected me to have some nice pink nips wtf?????

People’s Reaction To Her Nip Slip

The clip was instantly widely circulated, people moaning for her to get a suspension. Host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem of DramaAlert was among those asking for her suspension.

Similarly, one of the Twitch users, mentioning Twitch on Twitter wrote:

Hey @Twitch , I once got hosted for 4k viewers, did a minor booty shake & got suspended within 45m for 7 days for Sexual Activity. Alinity showed her tits, has been up for 3 hours.

In addition, the writer of said:

Controversial Twitch streamer Alinity broke TOS once again when she lifted her shirt and revealed her bare breast while playing Just Dance on stream today.

Adding to that, he continued:

Twitch’s Terms of Service guidelines strictly forbid full or partial nudity on stream, and Alinity’s “slip” clearly violates that rule.

Although Twitch doesn’t have any room for nudity in their Twitch community guidelines, people were surprised why Alinity was not punished immediately. On the other hand, there is also a group of people who thinks she shouldn’t have been punished for an accidental nip slip.

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