Ben Milbourne Eliminated from Masterchef Australia

Ben Milbourne

Ben Milbourne was eliminated last night from Masterchef Australia, and it was sad to watch. It was even heartbreaking to watch him hug his best friend/judge Andy Allen hug before he left. The 30-year-old chef also competed in the Masterchef 2012 in which he was able to secure only the 5th position. However, Andy was the winner for that season. After being eliminated, Bel Milbourne starred on his TV show called Ben’s Menu.

Now, Andy Allen is the judge for this season’s Masterchef-back to win. Ben said that it was Allen who phoned him and convinced him to join the competition this season. So, when they shared a hug after the elimination, it was emotional to watch.

Ben Milbourne said no to Masterchef this season but changed his answer later:

When Masterchef called Ben Milbourne to return to the show after years, his first response was negative. However, he caved in to their request and ended up participating in the show this year.

He said, “I think we had a week to give them a final answer.” He added, “I pushed it right to the end. I sat down with all the significant people it would affect – my business partner, head chef, my wife and kids – and they were all super-supportive, so I came back and said yes, I’d do it.”

This show was particularly select for Ben because his best friend Andy Allen was going to be a judge in the show. Andy had somewhat motivated Ben to enter the show. Many people had suspected that his friend could make bias judgments. However, yesterday’s episode might have answered people’s doubts.

Ben said, “A lot of people had this perception that, because he knows me so well, Andy was going to go easy on me,” Ben added, “I went in with a completely different frame of mind.”

Why and how Masterchef Australia 2020 eliminated Ben Milbourne?

In Sunday’s episode, the judges gave the contestants a list of new ingredients. They had to make anything they wanted but under 75 minutes. The catch was that whichever dish the judges disliked the most would go back home. The judges were quite generous with the ingredients. But too much can be overwhelming sometimes.

“Too many things to work with!” Ben laughed and added, “Everyone thinks that would be better, you get an open pantry, but it’s not! Your brain just explodes with ideas, and you can never really refine it.”

For this round, Milbourne decided to make a glazed salmon with charred spring onions and walnut cream. He said he had a clear idea about what he was going to make.


“I made my sauces slightly acidic to balance out that luxurious fattiness,” Ben said, “I made those and moved on to my fish component.” Cooking the collars, and happy with how they turned out, Ben also whacked a fillet onto the hibachi – this season’s trendiest bench appliance.” 

After he looked at the salmon, he thought that the fillet looked better than the collars. So, he decided to serve that instead. Choosing fillet instead of collars was one of the mistakes he made that lead to his loss. Ben said, “If I had stuck with my initial plan, I probably wouldn’t have been eliminated.”

Ben Milbourne
Ben filming an episode of his television program “Food Lab” in Burnie at Produce to the People.

According to the judges, he overcooked the salmon and made the cream too sour. This dish was the reason he had to depart from the show. The judges rated Reynold, Brendan, and Tessa as the best dishes for Sunday evening.

Ben Milbourne’s TV shows and food lab:

His show was called Ben’s Menu, and it aired on Channel 10 for three seasons. Ben Milbourne’s TV show, which got a nomination for a Logie award in 2015.  After this, he again starred in another show called SBS Food Network’s ‘Andy and Ben Eat Australia.

“My Food Style Is Simple; Take Ingredients And Recipes That Will Bring People Together, Combine Them In A Way That Is Interesting But Achievable,” says Ben.

He continued to produce more shows for Channel 10. In 2010, he hired 12 local Tasmanian employees. He started to create his show called Food Lab on Network 10 in 2010. The show explores the science behind cooking. You can also find Ben Milbourne’s recipes on the food lab online.

The second series of food labs also recently aired on the SBS food network. The show was to be 64 episodes long. Through these series, Ben Milbourne wants his viewers to know more about cooking and food science. Currently, Ben, along with his wife Sally, also has their own production company called Cultivate. Apart from that, he also has a regular segment called The Off-Road Adventure Show, which airs on Channel 10.

His cookbooks and recipes:

Ben loves Mexican dishes and seafood cooking. His strengths are around these food items. His first cookbook was called Mexican Craving, which he launched in 2013. In 2014, Ben Milbourne also released his second book called Tasmanian Trail.

Ben Milbourne and Wife Sally
Ben Milbourne and Wife Sally

After leaving Masterchef in 2012, he got married to his wife Sally in 2013. Now he has two children Charlotte who is five, and a 4-year-old Jack. He is also the Tasmanian Schools Canteen Association Ambassador. What most of you might not know about him ist hat he had given a ted talk in 2017.