Europe Travel | How Tourists Can Visit Places Safely

Travel Europe After Corona
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Europe is most popular among tourists as the different countries of Europe have some of the world’s best places to travel. But when corona came in a scenario, that changed everything.

Europe was one of the most affected regions when the first layer of corona started, as the recent ECDC report shows 76 799 553 cases of corona reported until 11th Nov 2021. Although most of the countries got vaccinated, the recovery rates are increasing. After that, the European Union (EU) decided to reopen its borders for travelers. After that, the delta variant came, so the EU decided to restrict some countries like the United States from traveling to Europe. The other countries are open to travel to Europe after getting vaccinated.

If you are planning to travel to Europe after this pandemic, then as per your safety purpose, make sure to research well about traveling places that are open for tourists or not. Explore world’s most popular tourist places after the pandemic.

Explore Most Famous European Countries After Pandemic

Here is the detailed guide for traveling to the most famous European countries after the corona situations.


France is open for travel for those who get both doses. And for children, if they vow that they are not to get in touch with corona positive people for a while, then the government allows them to enter France.

If a person is half vaccinated or does not even get the first dose, they must have to self-coroutine for seven days. Also, they must give a sworn statement that they do not have any manifestation of coronavirus. The French government approves many vaccines like Moderna, Pfizer, J&J, etc. If you get that, then you don’t have to be isolated.


German governments do not allow unvaccinated people to enter the country, and they allow only those who got fully vaccinated. If anyone wants to reunite their families and are half vaccinated or not taken the first dose even, they have to get approval from the government with a valid reason and a negative covid test.


As per Greece policies, people who are not vaccinated are not directly allowed to enter the country. Travelers have to fill in the PLF before entering the country. People who got their both doses are no longer tested, but they have to give the proof. PCR and negative antigen tests are required to enter the country. Still, every tourist has to provide their previous staying country details and the address of where they are staying in Greece.


Italy is open for all travelers, but with the condition that is a negative antigen test or PCR in the past 72 hours. Tourists who got their both doses, don’t need to show their negative results, but they must show a vaccination certificate given as EMA acknowledgments.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is still a dangerous region for tourists. Only persons who got their both doses are allowed to enter the country. But they have to undergo an isolation process. Also, they have to provide proof of vaccinations. People have to wear masks in crowded areas or else they need to give 95 euro as a fine.


Tourists who got their both doses are allowed to visit Spain with proof-like certificates. Unvaccinated tourists are not allowed unless for essential reasons. People have to put their face masks on every public place, including crowded and indoor public areas.


Turkey is open for all tourists with vaccination certificates. Tourists need to show their negative polymerase chain reaction test, or negative antigen report tested within the past 72 hours. Also, all visitors have to be isolated for 14 days if they do not get their doses.

Travel Safely With Below Tips

Stay safe

Here are the considerable points to stay safe while traveling during corona situations,

  • Regularly wash your hands
  • Keep sanitizer and an extra mask with yourself
  • Avoid crowded places
  • Do not travel while you are not well
  • Use a comfortable mask with good layers to breathe easily
  • Get vaccinated before traveling
  • Make your travel insurance done
  • Eat immunity booster foods

Use private transportations

Avoiding public transportation is a good practice to stay safe from corona. Most public transportation places get cleaned once a day, which can be risky to travel.

Using private transportation services is the best way to avoid the risk of corona. There are two options for private transport, the first one is to buy your vehicle or the second one is to use a taxi service. Buying your vehicle can be expensive and also not a convenient option.

All countries have taxis as transportation needs. The Netherlands has the best taxi network, and they provide good services at a cheap price. Companies like Taxiarash, Taxiconnect, Taxisittard, etc., provide the services like airport transport, on-time pick-up, luxurious ride at fair prices and more, across the Netherlands. Choosing a private taxi is the best option to avoid being infected.

Do pre-bookings to avoid the rush on ticket lines.

As European tourism reopens, tourist places become more crowded. And most of the tourist attractions in Europe are paid. So that there will be a rush in ticket lines, to avoid it, book your tickets online. Almost every place has its websites, or you can book on governments websites.

On the other hand, you can travel in the off-seasons. Most of the tourists travel during summer, and you can visit the places during April or October.

Final Words

Traveling during a pandemic situation is sometimes risky, but you can travel wherever you want keeping some precautions and self-care in mind. European traveling is reopened with some terms and conditions, so you can check online to continue traveling. Above mentioned are some details about famous European countries, and we hope you find it informative and help you travel the country without any hesitation.