Denmark Bans Unvaccinated U.S Tourists

The debate over whether to get the vaccine or not is already over. What’s trending is the people who are fully vaccinated. Congrats if you are fully vaccinated because most of the European countries have already imposed a travel ban on unvaccinated tourists. Likewise, Denmark is banning unvaccinated tourists from the United States. EU’s decision to remove the US from its list of safe countries. Due to the result of its rising levels of Covid-19 cases emphasized Denmark to do the same. It followed the likes of EU member states Italy, Sweden, and the Netherlands in introducing restrictions after the EU’s recommendations last week.

The country announced the news just a few days after announcing the uplift on the restriction of Covid-19 rules. Denmark has joined a growing list of European Union member states that are tightening travel restrictions as COVID-19 cases rise.

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Denmark Bans Unvaccinated U.S Tourists

Denmark has decided to ban travel from six third countries. A new recommendation of the EU Council to the Member States has imposed more entry restrictions on the same six third countries. It is due to an increase in the Coronavirus infection rates in their territories.

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the new restriction for these countries already. They updated the list of restrictions on Friday, September 10. The following six countries have now been removed from the green list of the Danish authorities to the orange one:

  • Albania
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Brunei Darussalam
  • Japan
  • Serbia

The council reviews the list every two weeks. In the case of the COVID situation, they decide which country to add in and which to remove.

The new restriction means that travelers reaching Denmark from these countries must be vaccinated in order to be eligible to enter. Furthermore, those who have recovered from the Coronavirus in recent months are also eligible to enter. Similarly, the same rule is imposed on Americans that haven’t got the full vaccine yet. Such new restrictions can inspire furthermore countries around the world to improvise their entry rules and restrictions in the wake of the spread of the Covid-19 Delta variant.

Who can visit Denmark?

Denmark Bans Unvaccinated U.S Tourists
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As I mentioned earlier. Vaccination is much more important than visas nowadays to get entry into European countries. However, Americans who have had their full vaccination are still able to visit the country for vacation or leisure, or business purposes. According to their rule, Denmark considers a traveler to be fully safe only if they have passed fully 14 days or more after their vaccination procedure. European Medical Association (EMA) has approved a list of few vaccines. Hence the traveler should tally their vaccination with the list. The list of vaccines that are currently approved by the European Medical Association is Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, AstraZeneca, and Pfizer.

If you meet the above criteria. All you need to do is you must show your proof of vaccination through the EU Digital Covid Certificate. You can also show your vaccine certificate that shows your name, date of birth, vaccine name, and effective date. After you submit all these quintessential, there will be no need to test upon entry to Denmark. Above that, there will be no need to undergo any periods of quarantine or isolation. The rule is pretty simple. Vaccination is your key to travel around countries. It’s never too late.

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