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British Game Shows That Will Have You Rolling On The Floor

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Whether you know it or not, but British Game Shows are also fun. They are often overshadowed by something that is on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Some of the TV shows rarely reach across pond. They are funny and have the potential of entertaining audiences across the world but never live up to the potential.

While game shows are popular on TV worldwide, Comedy Game Shows are not a thing everywhere. This genre of TV Shows is, however, fun to watch. They are extremely popular in the UK and come in many variations.

Some of these popular Comedy Game Shows are recreated or being picked up in the US. Balls of Steel, Whose Line Is It Anyway, and Taskmaster, to name a few. However, some shows have made audiences rolling on the floor in the UK that audiences elsewhere have never heard of.

Here are some of the British Comedy Game Shows that will make you laugh out loud:

QI or Quite Interesting

Quite Interesting (2003-present), also known as QI, is a British quiz show. The goal of the panelist is not necessarily to answer the correct answer. This hilarious game show was presented by Stephen Fry from its start to 2016 and is now hosted by Sandi Toksvig.

The contestants have to respond to the quite interesting questions asked by Sandi funnily or interestingly. The answer can be right or wrong regardless, but they score a point as long as it is funny or exciting. However, the points are deducted when the answer is boringly wrong.

The four-person involves most often comedians or writers with the permanent guest Alan Davies.

Would I Lie To You?

“Would I Lie To You,” (2007-present) is another game show where celebrities are invited to reveal embarrassing details or events that happened in their lives. This information could either be accurate or lie, which the other team has to determine. The show is presented by Rob Brydon.

This show starts with two teams of four celebrities competing against each other. The teams take turns recounting hilarious stories from their lives which sometimes are true and sometimes not. The opposing team gets the point when they guess if the story is true or not correctly.

This hilarious game show stars permanent guests David Mitchell and Lee Mack acting as team captains of opposing teams.

8 Out of 10 Cats

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8 Out of 10 Cats (2005-present) is also a comedy game show you need to look out for. This show, like QI, features questions mostly polls, opinions, or even open subjects for the panelists to answer. “8 Out of 10 Cats” show is hosted by Comedian Jimmy Carr.

The show usually features celebrity guests from comedy and entertainment. They are divided into two teams. Each of these teams is posed a light-hearted question. These questions are debated by the panelists, often with hilarious examples, incidents, or anecdotes.

The show often has celebrities and comedians like Katherine Ryan, Rob Beckett, Johnny Vegas as regular guests and team captains.

The Big Fat Quiz of the Year

The Big Fat Quiz of the Year is an annual British Game Show. The game show is broadcasted on the last week or first week of the year. As the name suggests the game show has a quiz format and questions are asked to the contestants about the events of the entire year. The Big Fat Quiz of the Year is presented by Jimmy Carr.

This show is set in a pub quiz format where the panelists are divided into team members for three teams. These contestants are either comedians or from the entertainment industry. The show is made ridiculously funny with the pairing of the celebrities and by the quizmaster Jimmy Carr.

The Big Fat Quiz of the Year is a show that is fun to watch during the holidays every year.

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