5 Reasons to Hire Women in Your Company

5 Reasons to Hire Women in Your Company

There has always been huge gender based hiring gap in workplace since the beginning of the term called business.

Whichever office you visit, you will notice that more than 50% of the staffs seem to be male.

However, the scenario is slowly changing and people have been more inspired by women’s role and their performance.

A study by the International Finance Corporation reveals that incorporating more women to companies not only helps protect their rights but at the same time, it is also good for business.

Now, you see women securing positions higher than men at workplace

You also see female leaders playing their role phenomenally on whatever do.

So, if you want to drive your company towards success, you should probably hire more women in your company.

There are many possible reasons to hire women in a company than men, here are few of them:


Good at Paying Attention

5 Reasons to Hire Women in Your Company

Women are always better than men when it comes to paying attention, whether be it in studies or work.

A recent research at the University of Pennsylvania on brain connectivity shows that women have greater capacity for analysis and show more attention to detail.

Whatever the given task is, women perform it better than men.

For instance, the reason why we always see female in the front desk is because they are good at listening to what their clients say or want.


Good at Multi-Tasking

No men can beat women when it comes to multi-tasking.

Especially the women who has too look after her husband, children and then go for work.

History and the difficulty of balancing a work-life relationship have turned female into able jugglers.

Employees doing several tasks can easily get distracted, but not these women.


Help Other Women Thrive

5 Reasons to Hire Women in Your Company

If the office environment isn’t that proactive and positive, you can tell there’s only few female working there.

When a company starts to build diversified work culture, the ultimate result is success.

For instance, when applicants notice like-minded people in the office, they become more enthusiastic to apply.

Additionally, women are more likely to hire women than men.

These means women want to see women reaching towards success more than the men.


Bring a Different Perspective

5 Reasons to Hire Women in Your Company

When a team consist only men, there is high chance of ideas to clash with each other ultimately causing conflict among them.

On the other hand, when a team is comprised of people with different backgrounds, gender, and abilities, they can combine different ideas and creativity.

Studies show that a presence of different perspectives can increase overall team knowledge and performance.

Women tend to place higher value on work-life balance and purpose and can provide good contrast to the men.


Make Great Leaders

Women have always been underrepresented in leadership positions.

In fact, they hold 52 percent of professional jobs, but only 25 percent of executive positions and only 6 percent of CEOs.

But, result shows that these few female are the reason companies are rousing towards success.

In a Gallup Study, it showed that female leaders scored higher than men in their ability to take initiative as well as self-development.

Even the employees reported higher engagement when they worked under a female supervisor versus a male one.